Sponsor a Student

All of our students are extraordinary and have overcome a lot in their education journey. While we’d like to tell all of their stories, let’s start with some stories selected especially for you.



Meet Barbara, a bright and determined young woman with a passion for education and a heart full of ambition. As the only child of parents who work tirelessly as casual laborers, Barbara understands the weight of financial strain on her family. But she remains unshaken as she pursues her dreams.

Despite the challenges, Barbara recently achieved a C+ in her high school exit exams. She aspires to become a teacher, inspired by her experiences and driven by her desire to make a difference. She envisions empowering students, providing them with the tools they need to succeed, and ultimately lifting her family from financial hardship.

Barbara needs your support to turn her dreams into reality. By investing in Barbara’s university education, you will not only change her life but also contribute to the betterment of her family and the community.

Join us in championing Barbara’s journey and enabling her to become the educator she dreams of being. Will you be her Just One and help create a bright future for Barbara?

About this Sponsorship

Sponsoring a university student is $2,100 a year, or $175 per month. Co-sponsoring is $1080 a year, or $90 per month. This amount will cover the student’s tuition fees, monthly upkeep, accommodation, and medical care.

The Sponsor Experience

  • Cassie and Elijah

    “When we signed up to sponsor our students, we hoped it would help improve their lives. What we didn’t expect was how it would change ours.

    Our students have become our teachers about life, gratitude, optimism, and finding joy in each moment. Supporting an education is a direct investment into these students and their future. Through a sponsorship with Moja Tu, you have the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with a student that will change not only their life, but yours as well.”