Sponsor FAQs

As a sponsor you may have questions about sponsorship, frequency of communicating with your student or what the education system is in like in Kenya.

Below are our sponsor frequently asked questions to help you. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@mojatu.org.

How frequent are student video calls?

Video calls are available 1-3 times a year depending on the school schedule. During long school breaks, we schedule video calls over Zoom and provide 15 minute slots for sponsors to connect with their students. RSVP’ing for video calls can be done by emailing us at info@mojatu.org.

How can I connect with my student?

You can write letters and email them to info@mojatu.org anytime. We’ll provide letters to you from your student once per quarter. We also have the opportunity to connect via video calls a few times a year during scheduled school breaks. We also open up an annual trip to sponsors in April each year, if you want to have the opportunity to meet your student in person.

How long does it take to get a letter back from my student?

High school students are in a boarding school, so we don’t have access to them while students are in session. We meet with students during school breaks every 2-3 months and coordinate letter exchanges. University students are readily accessible and student letters are responded to within 2 weeks.

What is High school?

High school is equivalent to high school

  • 9th grade – Form 1
  • 10th grade – Form 2
  • 11th grade – Form 3
  • 12th grade – Form 4

How long is University?

University is usually 4 years similar to programs in the US.

What is the KCSE?

KSCE stands for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and is the standardized test for existing High School. The score of the exam will determine placement and invitation to University programs across Kenya.

What is the KCPE?

KCPE stands for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and is the standardized test for existing Primary School (ending in 8th grade). The score of the exam will determine placement and invitation to High Schools across Kenya.