Donate Stock

Donate stock and increase your impact by as much as 30%.


Contact us at and we can provide you with our brokerage account information to trade the stock into our account. Did you know that when donating stock the market value of the stock at the time of the transfer is what’s considered the donation value which means you do not pay capital gains on the increase in net value of the stock from the point of acquisition to gift.

The Donation Experience

  • Paula Juba

    Sponsoring a student and giving them the gift of education has been an extraordinary and rewarding experience. Through the sponsorship, I’ve connected, mentored, and watched my sponsored students flourish. It’s a life-changing experience not only for the students but for me as well. The impact of education is exponential in helping their families and communities for generations to come. It’s fulfilling knowing that I’ve played a role in helping these students achieve their dreams.

other ways to donate

Moja Tu has a variety of ways you can help make a difference in the lives of our students!