We provide educational scholarships to children in developing countries.

Change a Life


our mission

We believe that education is the most important tool in the fight against poverty. Education empowers students, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to build successful futures and help end the cycle of poverty in their communities.

We support students throughout all stages of schooling, from the primary to university level and beyond. In addition to providing financial support, we also encourage our sponsors to develop a close bond with their students. This emotional support from their sponsors helps our students thrive throughout their academic journey.

Who We Are

  • 2013

    moja tu founded

  • 170+

    students sponsored

  • 93%

    graduation rate

what we do

We pair students in Kenya with sponsors around the world for financial and emotional support and facilitate communication. Moja Tu guides students on their academic journeys by hosting tutoring sessions, holding one-on-one counseling sessions, helping them apply and check in to schools, and working with them to discover what interests, passions, and careers they want to pursue. We also provide textbooks, study materials, and a myriad of other personal effects to ensure student success in school.

More About Us

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


become a sponsor

Sponsoring a student is the most personal and impactful way to get involved.Beyond financial support, our students need to know that they’re loved and supported. As a sponsor, you can give more than the gift of education, you’ll have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with your student that can only be described with one word, family.

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The Sponsor Experience

  • Cassie and Elijah

    “When we signed up to sponsor our students, we hoped it would help improve their lives. What we didn’t expect was how it would change ours.

    Our students have become our teachers about life, gratitude, optimism, and finding joy in each moment. Supporting an education is a direct investment into these students and their future. Through a sponsorship with Moja Tu, you have the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with a student that will change not only their life, but yours as well.”

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