Moja Tu

An Evening with Moja Tu

Join us for an evening with Moja Tu to celebrate all that we’ve done together. Over almost 10 years the power of Just One has touched the lives of hundreds of students, helping to end the cycle of poverty through the power of education. After a long time apart let us once again gather to celebrate all that the Moja Tu community has accomplished.

When: November 5th, 5 pm
Where: The Clay Pit, Austin TX
Attire: Austin Chic
Refreshments: Beer, Wine, and Hors D’oeuvres

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Students Seeking Sponsorship

Meet Edwin

Edwin is confident, articulate and a go-getter. He scored an impressive 370 marks in his KCPE and he is looking forward to joining high school especially since he was selected to join a top national school in his region. However, he is afraid that he might have to give up […]

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Meet Elvis

Elvis is a bright and determined young man who believes in the empowering nature of education. It is something that he takes very seriously. All through his life, he has watched as his parents toiled to put food on the table and pay school fees for him and his siblings. […]

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Meet Kennedy

Kennedy comes from a single parent home. His father passed on in November last year throwing the family into a tailspin. His mother, who is a casual laborer, is finding it hard to make ends meet. Kennedy has a younger sister. Currently in form 1 going to form 2, Kennedy […]

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Meet Lawrence

Lawrence is a self-assured, articulate, and determined individual. It was no surprise to anyone when Lawrence scored 410 marks in his KCPE. Throughout his primary education, he has been a top performer. His best subject is Mathematics and he scored 85% in the KCPE. He hopes to join a national school […]

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Meet Morgan

Morgan is a bright and determined young man who believes that education empowers people. It’s something he’s quite concerned about. He has seen his parents struggle to support his siblings and when he was told that he will have to go and live with his aunt in Nairobi he had […]

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Meet Evans

Evans understands the value of education. This, he says, is what drives him to work so hard in school. He recently took the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams and passed with flying colors, earning an outstanding B+ average. These results have all but guaranteed him a spot at […]

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Our Blog

Beyond Education: Addressing food insecurity

In Moja Tu’s quest to provide education to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, we often come across vulnerable children who need to be rescued from dangerous home environments. For these students, our rescue efforts are a more immediate need than education. We must ensure a safe haven for these students before

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Meet Nicholas: My Teacher, My Hero

Nicholas joined Moja Tu in 2018 and is currently a first-year university student pursuing a degree in Applied Communication. He credits his success to his favorite high school teacher, Mr. Mutai. Nicholas was performing poorly on his exams toward the end of his high school career, and he knew time

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Empowering students with laptops

Covid-19 disruptions saw a more active uptake of online learning in Kenyan universities. At Moja Tu, we believe in creating safe, accessible, and equitable academic environments where our students can learn and grow. One of the ways of achieving this is ensuring that our university students are equipped with laptops to

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Our Mission

Moja Tu provides educational scholarships to children in need in developing countries. We believe that education is the most important tool in the fight against poverty. Education empowers students, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to build successful futures and help end the cycle of poverty in their communities.

We support students throughout all stages of schooling, from the primary to university level and beyond. In addition to providing financial support, we also encourage our sponsors to develop a close bond with their students. This emotional support from their sponsors helps our students thrive throughout their academic journey.

Sponsor Experience

Cassie and Elijah
When we signed up to sponsor our students, we hoped it would help improve their lives. What we didn’t expect was how it would change ours. Our students have become our teachers about life, gratitude, optimism, and finding joy in each moment. Supporting an education is a direct investment into these students and their future. Through a sponsorship with Moja Tu, you have the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with a student that will change not only their life, but yours as well.
Sincerity and kindness with a strength of purpose is what comes to mind when I think of the people at Moja Tu. My life has been enriched greatly by the students I sponsor, and I am ever so grateful for this gift. I am thrilled to be associated with this wonderful organization!
Anyone can be a sponsor. The return on the investment of a child's education will live on for generations and that’s powerful. The fulfillment goes beyond your wildest expectations and gets down into the core of humanity. The love these children have will remind you that it’s not about how much money you gave but it’s about the everlasting power you are giving to someone by giving them an education. Without it, future nurses, future tour guides and more would have been reduced to beggars.
Whosoever saves a single life saves the entire world." This quote from both the Talmud and the Quran sums up the philosophy of Moja Tu. I am privileged to participate in saving the life of a child, and perhaps his or her entire family, by funding that child’s education. On a micro level, Moja Tu provides meaning and purpose to my life, and hope and opportunity to a child’s life. On a macro level, Moja Tu helps create a cadre of educated Kenyan professionals to bolster the country’s workforce. I get to help a child, the child gets an education, and together, we build a better society. I can’t think of a better investment.