The Sponsorship Process

Once a student completes our thorough application validation process, they become eligible for sponsorship. Next, we look to find people like you who find an eligible student they connect with and want to sponsor. Once we’ve connected the sponsor with the student they wish to help, they can either set up their sponsorship as a monthly donation or make an annual payment upfront. Please note, we do ask for at least a one year commitment to ensure continuity in terms of their education.

Breathe easy knowing that 100% of your sponsorship is directly allocated to your student.

financial support

Once you’ve made your donation you’re officially a sponsor, but what exactly does that mean?

Sponsorship has two valuable components, the first being the financial support you provide your student to attend school. Your sponsorship payment covers:

  • Your student’s school fees (tuition, boarding, etc.)
  • School supplies to help them be successful in class
  • Transportation for your student to and from school
  • A little pocket money to teach your student how to budget

a personal relationship

The second valuable part of our sponsorships is the one to one relationship between our sponsors and their students. We feel this relationship helps foster a sense of belonging and support for our students, which goes such a long way in helping them to succeed in school. As such, we ask that sponsors write at least one letter a year to their student and participate in our video calls so that students can feel that they have a champion behind them.

Also, remember that if you ever want to meet your student, you can always join us on our annual trip to Kenya in the April timeframe. It’s an experience of a lifetime, not just for you as a sponsor but for your student who would get to thank you in person for the gift of education.

Sponsor a Student