STEM: Robotics Education

Empower Students through STEM

Our goal is to empower young minds with innovative STEM kits, introducing young students to engineering principles in a fun way. Through hands-on challenges, they build robots, fostering creativity and presentation skills.

Targeted at ages 11-14, these kits encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. Moja Tu has partnered with Stemulate to provide educational programs in low-income areas, providing quality STEM education without financial burden.

Just six months ago our students started taking computer classes, enabling them to be able and empowered to participate in this fun, learning experience. Our first robotics tournament will be launched in November 2023 with 40 students, 10 teams, 4 students per team. The tournament will be held in Laikipia, one of the most rural regions in Kenya at a local primary school. The winning team will be reward with laptops to help continue their STEM education. We need your support to fund our mission and empower this low-income community with the power of STEM.