Our mentorship program is more than guidance; it is a life-changing experience. By connecting students with mentors, we cultivate a supportive environment that fosters personal and academic growth. With 82 students currently enrolled in universities, we aspire to extend the reach of our mentorship to every student, recognizing its pivotal role as they navigate the intricacies of their careers and personal lives. To achieve this, we have restructured our mentorship program and actively seek dedicated individuals to volunteer their time and skills.

Mentorship is offered throughout each semester, with the academic year divided into three semesters: September to December, January to April, and May to August. As a mentor, your commitment involves engaging in over six sessions with a student each semester. This can encompass academic support, emotional guidance, or career advice. Our students, in turn, apply for mentorship each semester, detailing the specific type of support they require and facilitating a precise pairing with suitable mentors. The time you invest as a mentor will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on a student’s life.

We provide comprehensive training sessions to ensure mentors are well-prepared for their mentoring journey. Additionally, there is a wealth of resources to enhance your mentorship experience.

The impact of our mentorship program on students is profound and tangible. Meet the students whose lives have been transformed by mentorship. Discover stories of resilience, academic achievement, and personal growth that illustrate the power of mentorship.

  • Magdaline

    Magdaline, a fourth-year education student, has been significantly impacted by mentorship. The sessions have served as a guiding beacon, helping her discover her life’s purpose and align more closely with her aspirations.

    “Mentorship steers me towards my ultimate goal: to be self-sufficient and help others. The sessions help me see and focus on the greater picture, especially when faced with challenges.”

  • Peter

    Peter, a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology, embodies the transformative power of mentorship. Initially shy, he emerged confident and equipped with leadership skills under the guidance of his mentor. Currently, he’s serving as a university leader and has received accolades for his outstanding leadership.

    “At first, I expected the call to be an interrogation of my life in school and how I was adjusting to university life, so I had prepared for that. The call, however, caught me off-guard. We talked about everything and anything but school. Instead, we delved into my personal life, goals, dreams, passion, and even what I do for fun and leisure. My mentor shared most of the skills he used to succeed in his personal and professional life, which was eye-opening.”

  • David

    Our mentorship program strongly emphasizes empowering students to transition seamlessly into the job market. David, one of our recent graduates, is a testament to the immense benefits of mentorship. Through mentorship, he gained the skills necessary to craft a high-quality resume and face job interviews with confidence.

    “The valuable lessons gained through mentorship have made a significant difference when applying for jobs,” says David.