Sponsor a Student

All of our students are extraordinary and have overcome a lot in their education journey. While we’d like to tell all of their stories, let’s start with some stories selected especially for you.


High school

Karness is a remarkable young individual with unwavering determination and a heart full of dreams. As the eldest in a family of three, Karness faces significant financial challenges as his parents work as hawkers, striving to make ends meet through their modest general merchandise business.

Residing in a simple one-room wooden house in Laikipia with his grandmother, Karness experiences the harsh realities of poverty daily. Despite the hardships, his passion for becoming a pilot burns brightly as a beacon of hope amid adversity.

Karness’s dedication to education goes beyond his personal goals. He acts as a peer teacher, helping his classmates in their studies, showcasing his selflessness and commitment to pursuing knowledge. They don’t have electricity at home, and with only a torch for light, he remains undeterred, embracing every opportunity to learn and grow.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Karness possesses the qualities of a true leader. His confidence and charisma inspire those around him, and he envisions a future where he can positively impact his family and community.

By sponsoring or co-sponsoring his high school education, you have the chance to unlock the potential of this exceptional young man. With your support, Karness can spread his wings and soar toward his dreams, becoming a source of hope and inspiration for himself and countless others. Will you help support Karness’s dream of becoming a pilot and change his life?

About this Sponsorship

Sponsoring a secondary student is $1,020 a year, or $85 per month. Co-sponsoring a secondary student is $600 a year, or $50 per month. This amount covers the students’ tuition fees, and buys school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and other personal effects required to live at boarding school.

The Sponsor Experience

  • Cassie and Elijah

    “When we signed up to sponsor our students, we hoped it would help improve their lives. What we didn’t expect was how it would change ours.

    Our students have become our teachers about life, gratitude, optimism, and finding joy in each moment. Supporting an education is a direct investment into these students and their future. Through a sponsorship with Moja Tu, you have the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with a student that will change not only their life, but yours as well.”