Moja Tu

Meet Winfred

In rural Kenya, young girls can only dare dream of lives beyond their villages. Most do not have much exposure to the world beyond their daily routines of fetching water and firewood, helping to take care of their siblings, attending to chores, and other homebound duties. It is only in school that they get a chance to interact with people with more knowledge of the world and the understanding of a different lifestyle away from the village. Winfred was in this situation, but she realized that there was a chance to leave the village by performing well in secondary school.

Since joining one of Kenya’s best secondary schools at the beginning of 2017, Winny has continued to post impressive grades in her classes and maintain a high rank in both her class and her school overall. She has had to work harder than most other girls to not only do well in school, but also adjust to her new lifestyle away from her village. However, Winny has handled this change beautifully. She loves going to school and does not take the opportunity to do so for granted.

She needs support with school fees to ensure she stays in school throughout the term in order to make the most out of her time in school. She needs help to purchase personal utilities and school supplies. She needs somebody to encourage her and remind her that her dreams are valid and that she is important. Most of all, she needs to feel she is loved.

Winny is very smart, and given the opportunity, she has the chance to make her future bright. Help Winny complete her education by sponsoring her today!