Moja Tu

Meet Benson: Setting his eyes on Harvard University

Benson with his grandparents, one of our sponsor Lisa on the left and Edwin, Director of operations and programs at Moja Tu on the right.

Benson is a form 3 student who joined Moja Tu before starting high school. He has consistently been one of the best-performing students in the program. At school, he takes the top position scoring As in almost all subjects.

“Joining Moja Tu was a miracle for me, and it came during a difficult period in my life. I had worked hard in primary school, and when the high school entry exam results came out, I had performed well. However, I was downcast while everyone, including my teachers, celebrated my results. I knew there was no way my parents could afford to pay my secondary school fees, and my educational dreams were just that, dreams.

Fortunately, around the same time, Moja Tu visited my former school, and the school recommended me for the scholarship. You should have seen me when I received news that I had been granted sponsorship. I jumped up and down as tears of disbelief cascaded down my cheeks.

I reported to high school a few weeks later, buoyed to work as hard as I could now that I was given the opportunity. The icing on the cake was that the sponsorship took care of all my needs: school fees, school supplies, uniform, and transport to and from school. All that was required of me was to immerse myself in my studies, and I did. Not only that, I could now set higher goals and dream big.

My ambition is to get an A on my university entry exams. After that, I want to attend the prestigious Harvard University and study medicine, specifically neurosurgery. Medicine has always fascinated me, and the prospect of becoming a doctor is taking shape with each passing school term.

Being in school has broadened the scope of my mind and thinking, and I now realize that a whole world of possibilities and opportunities is available to me. One of the things I’d like to improve is my village, both economically and health-wise.

My grandparents took me in after my mother died and have cared for me ever since. My grandparents are now elderly and must continue to perform menial tasks such as digging the farm and herding cattle over long distances to support themselves and me. It has become even more difficult because there has been no rain in the village for many months, causing most cattle to die and the farm to fail. This motivates me daily; I want to care for them in their old age as they cared for me when I needed them the most.

My gratitude for Moja Tu and my sponsor cannot be put into words. All the sponsors should know is that they are changing and saving lives. Thank you, Moja Tu, for your continued support and unending kindness.”

Joy Katanu