Moja Tu

Meet Winfred: Pursuing her dream of becoming a structural engineer

Winfred joined Moja Tu in 2016 as she enrolled in high school. Throughout the years, she has been consistent and hardworking. She transitioned smoothly from high school to college, where she is a first-year building technology and civil engineering student.

Winfred claims that she was drawn to her field of study at a young age because she aspired to be one of those engineers who create mind-blowing and structurally sound infrastructure.

She joined the Moja Tu mentorship program, which she says has greatly aided in her self-awareness and building her self-esteem.

“I’ve developed a much more positive attitude toward education through mentorship. For example, I used to believe that education was only for preparing people for the labor market, but I learned over time that education could be a tool for personal growth,” Winfred shares.

Winfred adds that her supportive and present sponsors – Christie and Uhuru – encourage her to keep chasing her dreams.

“They always inspire me to keep going and work hard, even when schoolwork was difficult at times. My goal for the rest of the year is to plan out my schoolwork so that I can excel on the end-of-year exams. I truly want to take advantage of this opportunity,” she shares.

For the past year that she has been in college, Winfred says she has found the experience very empowering, especially since she has her sponsors and organization behind her.

“I am also engaging in extracurricular activities which help me to unwind and make friends,” she says.



Joy Katanu