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The Power of Women Supporting Women

November 22, 2022

It is often said that there is a special place in heaven for women who support other women, and we could not agree more. A 2019 Harvard Business Review research study showed that women who have an inner circle of close female contacts are more likely to land executive positions with greater authority and higher pay.

As we mark National Women Support Women Day, we take a moment to honor all the women who have supported and inspired some of our students. We also thank the many women that are sponsoring students at Moja Tu, for helping us realize our goal of empowering as many young women as we possibly can and inspiring them to be agents of change in their communities.

We asked three of our female students to tell us about the women in their lives who are the wind beneath their wings, enabling them to soar to greater heights.

Miriam, Bachelor of Statistics

Miriam is a first-year Mount Kenya University student. She is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, and this day is important to her because it allows her to recognize the supportive women in her life.

“I’d like to recognize and thank Kathy, Moja Tu’s founder, and my sponsor, Antoinette. They have always supported me and encouraged me to achieve my goals. I also appreciate my mother, Aunt, and Esther, Moja Tu’s Director of Finance. They have taught me invaluable lessons and how to stay focused on my goals and dreams,” she says.

Through their support, these strong women in Miriam’s life have boosted her confidence and motivated her to work hard. She admires their perseverance, kindness, bravery, and assertiveness.

As we commemorate this day, Miriam encourages women to support one another because they can make significant accomplishments and affect change in their communities when they work together.

Purity, Bachelor of Science in Control and Instrumentation Engineering

Purity is a first-year agriculture and technology student at Jomo Kenyatta University. This day is special to her because it raises awareness of the importance of women supporting one another.

She thanks her sponsor, Jessica, as well as her mother, Maria, and Moja Tu employees Lily, and Esther, for always holding her hand and offering advice when she has a problem.

“Esther, Lily, and Maria from the Moja Tu Kenyan team, as well as Jessica, my sponsor, and my mother, have all helped me. They have inspired me to work hard in my studies and have taught me important lessons. They have shown me a great deal of love, care, and support, and they are always available to motivate and encourage me,” she explains.

Purity has seen firsthand how important it is to support other women in Moja Tu. She has witnessed Kathy receiving assistance from her fellow women sponsors within the organization. She hopes to see more men support women as well.

Irene, Bachelor of Education

Irene is a first-year Kenyatta University student. This day is special to her as she is reminded of the importance of women supporting one another to strive toward closing the gender equity gap.

She honors her mother, who has always been her biggest supporter. She also thanks Aditi, her sponsor, for allowing her to attend university. Irene has learned the value of seeking help as a woman, working hard to ensure that she can support her family and community. She is encouraged to see more women in leadership positions and hopes to see more men supporting women.

“I hope to see many Kenyan women supporting one another and receiving support from men. This will encourage many young women to pursue their dreams without fear,” she hopes.

Indeed, a woman alone has power; collectively, they have an impact.


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