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Meet Jedidah: Firmly committed to make a difference

May 24, 2023

In a world of challenges and hardships, some individuals rise above their circumstances to become beacons of hope. One such person is Jedidah, whose life took a turn towards hope when she discovered Moja Tu.

“I learned about Moja Tu back in 2017 when I was in class seven,” Jedidah begins her incredible story. Her introduction to the organization came through her friend Winfred, who had been sponsored by Moja Tu and achieved great success. Inspired by Winfred’s accomplishments, Jedidah explored the opportunities Moja Tu offered.

Jedidah’s desire to receive a quality education burned brightly. However, because her parents were unable to afford a better school, Jedidah’s only option was to attend a local village high school. Her determination to secure a brighter future for herself through Moja Tu motivated her to work hard, resulting in an impressive score of 302 out of a possible 500 on her primary exit exam.

In 2018, having proven her academic potential, Jedidah seized an opportunity to apply for a Moja Tu scholarship. When Kathy and Michael visited Laikipia village, Jedidah secured a meeting and impressed them during the interview. They graciously offered to sponsor her education, marking the beginning of a life-changing journey.

In 2019, after securing the Moja Tu scholarship, Jedidah joined Graceland Girls High School, and last year she completed her high school exit exam, achieving a C+. Currently, she is working as a secretary and teaching assistant at Muruai Primary School while she waits for the opportunity to join university and continue her higher education. Her dedication to serving her community and her passion for teaching shines through as she shares her knowledge and supports students, focusing on those facing challenges.

Jedidah’s motivation is driven by her desire to impact her community and uplift those around her. Despite facing personal challenges at home, Jedidah perseveres, working diligently to support her family and her younger brother’s education. Her role as a teacher assistant enables her to connect with students on a personal level, offering guidance and counseling and spreading joy through her actions.

“My motivation is to give back to the community, making sure I put a smile on people’s faces. Challenges at home also motivated me, as I wanted to help my parents and especially my younger brother, who is in secondary school. My mother was unwell recently, and I wanted to work to help her buy very expensive medicines,” Jedidah explains.

Through her experiences, Jedidah has gained valuable life lessons. She understands the importance of serving her community and leaving a lasting impression on her students. Dedication and perseverance have become essential in her journey, ensuring she meets her targets while overcoming obstacles.

“My job has made me understand that leadership comes with responsibilities. I must give my best to the students guiding them to success while making sure I also leave a mark in their hearts,” she says.

Jedidah plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education, with a focus on special needs education. Her interactions with diverse learners have cultivated a passion for inclusivity and eliminating societal discrimination. By championing the cause of individuals with special needs, she strives to create a more accepting and inclusive world.

Like any endeavor, Jedidah faces her share of challenges. She encounters skeptical parents who underestimate her capabilities due to her age, but she remains focused and delivers exceptional service. Harsh weather and a long commute to work are additional hurdles she confronts, yet her determination remains unwavering.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Moja Tu organization and my heroes, Kathy and Michael, who have also held my hands and walked with me since I joined high school. If not for them, all I have achieved would just be dreams,” she concludes.

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