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Celebrating father figures and the important role they play

June 6, 2023

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we have a special reason to celebrate at Moja Tu. Our male sponsors have provided financial support and become mentors, guides, and fatherly figures to the students they sponsor. In this blog, we share heartfelt messages from Nicholas, Jonathan, and Patricia, who express their deep appreciation and admiration for their sponsors’ invaluable role in their lives. Their stories highlight the importance of fostering strong relationships between sponsors and students and its impact on shaping a brighter future.


A Mentor, Guide, and Fatherly Figure

For Nicholas, the bond with his sponsor, Michael, has grown beyond financial support. From their first Skype call in 2017, Nicholas recognized Michael’s unwavering belief in his potential. Michael’s support extended beyond academics, providing mental assistance, encouragement, and guidance. His influence led Nicholas to choose his current career path wisely, and he even contributed to his growth as a content creator. Nicholas considers Michael a mentor, guide, and fatherly figure who has helped him move from a village school to one that offered quality education and now to university. His dedication inspires Nicholas to make his sponsor proud and to remain focused on his education.


Encouragement, Connection, and Kinship

Jonathan’s connection with his sponsors, Carlos and Christine, began when he joined high school. They got to know each other better through video calls and letters, forming a strong bond. Carlos and Christine have been instrumental in supporting Jonathan’s dreams, providing education sponsorship, hope, and motivation. They have instilled a sense of connection and kinship by sharing personal experiences and dreams and offering emotional support. Jonathan regards Carlos as his mentor and father figure, expressing gratitude for always being there, especially during significant milestones, and for inspiring him to believe in himself.


Communication, Support, and Inspiration

Having recently interacted with her sponsor, Patricia shares the joy of a wonderful connection. James and Audrey, her sponsors, possess excellent communication skills and have created a platform for open dialogue. Patricia appreciates their willingness to understand her expectations, allowing her to communicate her goals and the results they can expect. James and Audrey have influenced her educational journey through financial support and guidance, encouraging her to fearlessly pursue her dreams. Patricia considers her sponsor a father figure who provides unwavering support, listens to her experiences, and reminds her to keep chasing her dreams.

As we approach Father’s Day, it is essential to recognize and appreciate the male sponsors at Moja Tu who have gone above and beyond in supporting the students they sponsor. Nicholas, Jonathan, and Patricia’s stories demonstrate the transformative power of mentorship, guidance, and fatherly support. Through financial assistance, emotional encouragement, and personal connections, these sponsors have helped shape the educational journeys and futures of the students they have mentored. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to all students to embrace the presence of their sponsors, cultivate strong relationships, and recognize the vast opportunities they have to offer.

On behalf of all the students at Moja Tu, we extend our deepest gratitude and wish a Happy Father’s Day to all our male sponsors and supporters. Your love, guidance, and support are invaluable gifts that continue to shape lives and create a brighter future for students, their families, and the community at large.

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