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Meet Faith: Spreading cheer through her handiwork

Faith just recently completed her high school education. She scored an impressive grade in her final exams, effectively earning herself a spot at the university to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

Faith donning her graduation gown.

Her role model is Mildred Fay Jefferson, The first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School, the first woman to graduate in surgery from Harvard Medical School, and the first woman to become a member of the Boston Surgical. “Her story is remarkable, and she personifies the power of self-determination. So many odds were against her, but she trumped them all – well, almost of them.”

It is no wonder that Faith is over the moon about the prospects of going to university. “Inspired by Mildred, it has always been an aspiration of mine to go to university, and I am glad that my hard work in school has paid off,” she says.

Over the years, Faith has honed her skills in knitting, sewing, and beadwork. And now that she is at home waiting to join the university in a few months, she puts her skills into good use.

“There’s so much I can do with my hands, but the abovementioned skills, including plaiting, come easy. That said, it has taken practice to perfect the art. I am grateful for the supportive teachers who guided me through some of these things,” she says and adds sewing has saved her the trouble of always visiting a tailor for minor repairs. “I get to save money in the process.”

It is incredible watching Faith make a beautiful bag or bangle, and one wonders where she draws her inspiration from. “There are tons of do-it-yourself videos online, and I always turn to these for inspiration, especially regarding designs,” she reveals.

Faith finds these hobbies fulfilling, and the greatest joy is when she finally sees the final product in all its glory. “These skills have taught me patience and attention to detail. They also provide a great avenue to let off steam and just think through issues,” she says.

Of the three skills, her favorite is sewing. “It gets more exciting because I start from a small piece of cloth to make a whole attire. The amazement and awe on people’s faces when they see my work completely melts my heart.”

Speaking of which, Faith has gone commercial with her skills. While she was initially scared, she gained confidence with each item she made. She doesn’t have all the equipment needed, but she makes do with whatever she has. Our young entrepreneur says her biggest challenge is meeting a client’s demand since some orders can be complex. She navigates this by taking her time to understand the client’s needs before embarking on the work.

As she waits to join college, she hopes to continue sewing and get some extra money. Faith also wants to join clubs that are biology oriented, which will be of help since she has a great interest in medical-related faculties.

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