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Meet Dinel: Learning to be her own cheerleader

My name is Dinel Wangari Njoroge and I am a film student at Kenyatta University. In my second year of high school, I was able to join Moja Tu and they have supported me ever since.

Before I joined Moja Tu, I gave up hope of completing high school and made the tough decision to transfer to a day school in my village. My parents were having a hard time affording to keep me in school. I got overwhelmed for being sent home many times for lack of school fees. I missed a lot of school and I my grades and confidence suffered.

Around this time, Moja Tu representatives visited our school. I applied for a scholarship, and they took a chance on me. Since then, I decided to take a chance on myself and worked hard to improve my grades. What had seemed impossible before was now within my grasp, and I realized I could dream bigger. I could dream past high school, even past a degree, and for the first time, I felt like was capable of anything.

When I joined university, I knew I was a step closer to my dream. I was unsure of what career path I wanted to pursue, but I found my passion in film. As I learned more and more information about this path, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my career. As a 16-year-old when I joined university, I was both complimented and bullied and I did not feel like I belonged. I had confidence in myself and I decided to trust myself, so I made it my goal to prove I could survive campus life.

Now in my fourth year, I could not be prouder. I have learned various skills, including being the videographer for Moja Tu, and discovered skills in which I was most interested. Whenever we have a school film production, I always volunteer to be the director and quickly learned directing was my passion. I also enjoyed animation photography, videography, and editing.

I am currently interning with a print media company in Kenya called Parents Magazine, where I am learning more about digital marketing, advertising, graphic design, and writing.

My goal is to pursue a master’s degree in directing and animation and I am confident there is no limit to the things I can accomplish. My sponsor and mentors in the Moja Tu organization have taught me this mindset. For me, the best part of Moja Tu is not just getting the financial support, but the strong determination and hope I get from knowing that someone believes in my future and trusts me enough to give me this golden opportunity.

Hope is what gets me up in the morning! Such kindness, love, and generosity cannot be repaid. Thank you so much, Moja Tu, for allowing me to dream.

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