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Meet David: Counting on the empowering nature of education

David is a first-year student at Kibabii University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Cooperative and Entrepreneurship Management. When you first interact with David, you will notice his brilliant smile and friendly character.

Over the years, he has become a confident, ambitious, disciplined, and responsible young man.

He joined the university in 2021 and admits that this has been a significant milestone for him as it paves the way to achieving his goals. “I believe in the empowering nature of education, and I am glad I am on the road to full empowerment. I am also grateful for the immense support I am getting from Moja Tu, which makes my studies manageable,” he says.

David hopes to become successful through the skills he will acquire at university. “I love the course I am pursuing since I want to be a successful entrepreneur,” he says confidently.

His biggest motivation for working hard in school is to support his family and help his community, just like Moja Tu has done for him and many students. He hopes to have an impact on many people.

“When Moja Tu became part of my life, I was amazed and happy since I had never had such a beautiful experience and an easy time in school. I also get emotional support from the organizations through the counseling sessions that are readily available for us,” he says happily and adds that he got a family from Moja Tu.

His mentor is his sponsor, Troy, who has been supportive and encouraging, making him see life’s positive perspective. David has learned the virtue of kindness from Troy and aspires to espouse this value in his life.

Getting an education has transformed David’s life. He has learned skills that have helped him cope with life situations and have exposed him to different experiences

“Education, and especially going to university, has been an eye-opener. Besides the lessons learned in class, I am learning much about being independent, responsible, and accountable.”

David’s pastime is skating, and he carries his skates wherever he goes. “I also like reading novels; they help open my mind,” he concludes.

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