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Meet Anastacia: Achieving her goals through thick and thin

August 31, 2022

It is a sad truth that simply because a student is bright and eager to learn does not mean attending school is an option. This was the case for Anastacia, as it is for many students before they join our program.

Because of her inability to pay school fees, Anastacia missed most of the first term of the 2019 school year. However, she was determined not to let her absence from a class affect her performance. She worked hard on her own to keep up with her classmate and was able to return to school to take the end-of-term exams, on which she scored an impressive B+ average. Her score was a testament to her incredible dedication to her schooling and her determination to keep from falling behind the rest of her class.

These qualities won over the Moja Tu team when they met her during their 2019 visit to Kenya. Four years later, we are so proud to have her a part of the program. Anastacia was the best-performing high school graduate this year, scoring an exemplary A in her final year of high school. With the financial uncertainty over, Anastacia dedicated herself to her studies and her ever-improving grades served as further motivation. She studied harder with the goal of joining university.

Anastacia is now only a few weeks away from officially joining one of the leading Universities in Kenya to pursue a bachelor’s degree in law. While her initial desire was to pursue medicine, she is excited about the prospects of law. She became the first Moja Tu student to pursue this career path, and we couldn’t be prouder of her.

“I’ve never been happier than I am right now. It feels like a dream that I am finally joining the university. Honestly, I never thought I would get this far. The blissful thing is that I will not have to worry about school fees and upkeep to keep me going while in school, as Moja Tu, through my sponsor, will be taking care of that. Moja Tu is surely the greatest blessing in my life,” she adds that she is optimistic she will make a great lawyer. We believe so, too.

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