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Blooming Against All Odds: Edwin’s Tale of Resilience and Achievement

February 20, 2024

In November last year, hundreds of thousands of high school students sat for the highly competitive university entry exams. Among them were about 30 Moja Tu students, all vying for a chance to secure a spot at Kenyan universities. When the results were announced, one student stood out not just among Moja Tu students but across the whole of Kenya: Edwin Kabethu. We will get back to this in a few…

A few years ago, Edwin, an exceptionally bright young man, was among the top performers in the primary exit exams, scoring an impressive A. This achievement earned him direct admission to one of Kenya’s most prestigious and sought-after high schools – Alliance Boys High School.

“Throughout my elementary school years, I performed well, and everyone who knew me was confident that I would easily secure a spot in one of the leading high schools in Kenya. However, even as I worked hard against all odds, a dark cloud hung over my future prospects. I faced financial barriers that threatened my dream of attending a prestigious high school. But I did not give up,” says the soft-spoken 17-year-old. He reveals that he often lacked transport money to go to school and chose to stay in school during holiday breaks as fare was a luxury.

Imagine his joy when Moja Tu visited his school looking for bright students to sponsor, and he was chosen for sponsorship. This made him believe in the saying that hard work pays, as it was truly his impressive performance that caught the eye of Moja Tu’s board.

“With the scholarship, there was no stopping me. While I initially thought the organization would only cater to my school fees, they went above and beyond. They also provided transport money, textbooks, and even essential aid during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization’s intervention transformed my educational environment, allowing me to focus on my studies without worrying about financial constraints,” he says cheerfully.

As expected, Edwin performed exceptionally in primary school, and securing a place at the acclaimed Alliance Boys High School was a dream come true for him. In high school, he remained disciplined, and at one point, he was awarded the title of the most disciplined student in school. This discipline was reflected in his studies, where he continued to excel.

“While I expected a clean A in the university entry exams, I humbly and joyfully accepted the A- I received. I gave it my best shot, and I am satisfied.” While he aspires to pursue medicine, he awaits the verdict from the national university and college placement board to know his fate.

Edwin expresses his gratitude to his sponsor, Paula Juba, whose generosity not only covered his school fees but also provided the stability needed to focus on academic excellence. The tangible and emotional support offered by Moja Tu played a vital role in Edwin’s success.

We wish Edwin all the best as he steps into a new season, and we have no doubt that he will continue to excel.

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