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A Promise Fulfilled: How Moja Tu Changed Amos’ Life

February 8, 2024

Amos is a young man with a bright future. He recently graduated from one of the leading boys’ high schools in Kenya with an impressive A- grade, making him one of the top students in the country. He dreams of pursuing medicine and becoming a doctor and is confident he will achieve it.

But Amos’ life was not always so hopeful. He grew up in a remote area as the youngest in a family of eight. His parents, who depended on casual labor, could barely afford school fees for him. He watched his older siblings drop out of school due to financial constraints after completing their elementary education. He faced numerous challenges in school and often missed classes due to a lack of funds.

“I had lost hope in life,” he candidly shares. “I thought I would end up like my brothers and sisters, with no education and no future.”

But everything changed when he heard about Moja Tu, a program that sponsors students from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education. He applied for the program, and after an interview at Dream Children’s Home, he secured sponsorship. This marked the beginning of an incredible journey for him.

He was transferred to Baricho Boys High School, one of Kenya’s premier institutions, where he found renewed hope and motivation. He worked hard to make his sponsor and Moja Tu proud, as he had promised. He also received essential revision books from Moja Tu, which helped him succeed academically.

“Moja Tu gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. They believed in me and invested in my education. They restored hope in me; dreams that seemed invalid are now on the verge of being achieved,” he expresses gratitude.

Amos acknowledges that without Moja Tu’s support, he might have taken a different path, potentially involving drugs and crime. He is determined to avoid such pitfalls and instead uplift his family and community. He aspires to be a respected, responsible, generous, and hardworking individual. He is committed to giving back and showing the transformative impact of Moja Tu’s support in breaking the chains of poverty.

Amos is a shining example of how Moja Tu changes lives. He is a promise fulfilled.

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