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Meet Cynthia: Facing the Future with Optimism and Determination

February 6, 2024

Cynthia’s initial journey in high school was marked by formidable challenges as her unemployed parents grappled with the financial burden of her education. Despite excelling in her primary exit exams and earning a spot at a prestigious girls’ high school, the reality of the cost of quality education quickly set in.

Aware of their daughter’s academic potential, her determined parents aspired to provide her with the best, but the accumulating fee arrears jeopardized Cynthia’s continued education. As the financial strain intensified, it became evident that Cynthia would have to drop out of the school and seek placement at a cheaper school. The mere thought of it broke her heart into a million tiny pieces.

By a stroke of luck, someone who knew her plight presented her case to Moja Tu. The organization swiftly stepped in, paid her school fee arrears, bought the essential items she needed in school, and assured her of their support.

In her own words, “My life has never been the same again since Moja Tu came into it.”

The impact of Moja Tu’s support on Cynthia’s academic performance and overall high school experience has been profound. “Moja Tu’s support positively influenced my academic performance since I needed not to worry about how my school fees and other needs would be catered for,” she explains. This peace of mind allowed her to concentrate on her studies, resulting in a remarkable B+ grade in her final exams last November.

Beyond financial assistance, Moja Tu provided essential revision materials and resources crucial to Cynthia’s academic and personal development. One specific moment where Moja Tu’s support made a significant difference was when they paid for her remedial fees, which her parents could not afford. “The remedial classes helped me a lot, especially on subjects I struggled with. Slowly, my grades started improving, which fueled me to greater success in my national exams,” Cynthia says.

Having completed high school with a B+ grade, Cynthia envisions a bright future. Knowing that this grade offers her a wide array of excellent career paths, she aspires to join the university and pursue a course that will transform her life and positively impact her family and community.

As a firstborn in her family and a role model in her community, Cynthia understands that she is an inspiration to many. She hopes those who look up to her will be inspired by her story of discipline, hard work, and success.

Cynthia has a message for students facing similar challenges. “Never lose your focus on your education despite the hurdles you face. Make the most of every situation and put your best foot forward when given an opportunity. Lastly, always believe in yourself and trust in the Lord, for with God, nothing is impossible,” she advises.

As she embarks on the next phase of her education and career, Cynthia sees Moja Tu continuing to play a pivotal role in her success. Grateful for their unwavering support, she faces the future with optimism and determination.

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