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A Hobby a Day Keeps Stress at Bay

December 21, 2022

Hobbies like painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography are all relaxing and rewarding which helps one reduce stress and feel mentally clear and calm. Being National Hobby Month, we appreciate and recognize our students’ favorite pastimes.

For Billy Gicheru, a third-year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics, his hobby is playing the piano.

“I have loved playing the piano since high school. When we used to go for tutoring at Dreams Children’s Home, I used to play the piano during the evening sessions. It has been fun discovering new tunes and doing covers of different songs,” he says. Aside from that, Billy tells us he loves hiking and playing video games with friends.

His cohort Grace Wanjiru, who is earning a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, loves caring for plants and seeing them grow into something beautiful.

“Horticulture has been fulfilling because I also get more knowledge about plants. My favorite part is plant breeding. I am fulfilled whenever I am out in the field and trying to develop superior plants,” she concludes.Grace also loves modeling and dressing up.

Joseph Kinuthia, a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in economics and history, is attracted to all things technology. His fascination at the moment is practicing the use of computer programs, especially those related to his course.

“I have a great interest in technology, and recently I discovered the use of statistical analysis software such as Stata and SPSS, which come in handy in analyzing data. In addition, computer programs may sometimes be complex, and knowing what they can do amazes me,” Joseph explains.

Away from computers, Tabitha loves cooking. Tabitha, who is also pursuing a course in horticulture, explains that cooking is like a science where you have to know the right quantities and mixtures to come up with something tasty and different. “It is like magic, mixing herbs and spices in a cauldron to have a soup. More like an art where you combine different aromas, colors, and flavors to achieve something extraordinary,” she says happily. Tabitha says she’s always excited to try out different recipes.


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