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December 1, 2022

A unique aspect of the Moja Tu sponsorship model is the benefits that the students stand to gain outside academics. We are intentional in nurturing all-around students who will thrive in the real world. Therefore, besides offering them counseling opportunities and career talks, we are keen to have them mentored. The goal of the mentorship program is to help students develop leadership skills and help them learn, grow, and improve their skills.

We interviewed three beneficiaries of the mentorship program, and they shared their experience and lessons they have learned from the interactive mentorship sessions.


Bachelor of Arts in Education

Magdalene is a third-year student, and she has been in the program for the last five years. Before joining the mentorship program, Magdalene says she was not confident or assertive. She recalls that the first time she had a mentorship call, she was excited and nervous at the same time as she did not know what to expect.

She further states that the mentorship sessions are special as they are meant to see the students through difficult situations. The calls have helped her discover her life purpose and lean more towards her goals. “They steer me towards my ultimate goal, which is to be self-sufficient and help others. The sessions help me see and focus on the greater picture, especially when faced with challenges,” she explains and adds that she always looks forward to the mentorship calls as it is also a safe space for her to open up.

“The first call was great! And it went well, as the interaction was on another level. We discussed real-life issues, and my mentor listened and gave me ideas on how to cope with them. My mentor ensured that I was at ease, and we got to share our personal experiences,” she says.


Bachelor  in Business and information technology

Peter recently joined university and had the privilege of being picked for the mentorship program, which only takes in a few students at a time.

“At first, I expected the call to be an interrogation of my life in school and how I was adjusting to university life, so I had prepared for that. The call, however, caught me off-guard. We talked about everything and anything but school. Instead, we delved into my personal life, goals, dreams, passion, and even what I do for fun and leisure. My mentor shared most of the skills he used in his personal and professional life to become successful, and it was eye-opening,” he narrates.

How did he feel after the initial call? “The call made me feel encouraged and challenged at the same time. I was encouraged that I now have a friend I can open up to, and he will guide me without judgment. I was challenged to look at the bigger picture and not to focus on the stumbling blocks that life throws at me once in a while,” he says. Peter adds that the discussion was friendly and open and that he felt at ease with his mentor.

“Some of the key takeaways from my first call included facing challenges fearlessly and taking good care of myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. No one has ever taught me these things, and so I truly appreciate it.”


Diploma in Architecture and Design

Like many students who have benefitted from the mentorship program, Caleb expected the program to be all about his academics, grades, and how he was fairing in school.

“The call, however, was so much more. We chatted about school and discussed my career and personal life at length, and my mentor talked to me about time management. The call differed from our usual sponsor Skype/Zoom calls, and there was ample time to share experiences and stories with my mentor. From an educational perspective, these calls have made a difference in how I conduct myself in school and even the seriousness I accord to my work. As a result, I am always hoping to be on the list for mentorship calls, always looking forward and hoping for more calls,” he explains.

Caleb reveals he has learned how to set goals and targets and how to attain them. “I am also buoyed by the fact that I am not in this alone; I have a solid mentor that I can always run to whenever I am at a crossroads,” he adds.

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