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Simon’s Valid Dreams

June 10, 2024

A few years ago, Simon’s education was in doubt. With unsupportive parents, he didn’t expect to continue his education beyond primary school. Living with his elderly grandmother, Simon knew he had to find casual labor to meet his basic needs.

“I lived with my grandmother, who has been taking care of me since I was young. She is well advanced in age, and therefore, she didn’t have the ability to continue supporting me beyond primary school,” Simon says.

But just when he had lost all hope, his primary school’s board chair connected him with Moja Tu. In 2020, Simon became part of the organization.

“Moja Tu has become my extended family, ensuring that I never missed a day of school due to fees or lack of supplies and that I have a strong support system that always has my back,” he says, and adds that the ample revision books he was provided enabled him to excel in mathematics, Kiswahili, and computer studies.

High school became Simon’s refuge. He worked tirelessly throughout high school, always at the top of his class. His dedication paid off when he earned a competitive score in the university entry national examinations. With this grade, he is assured of placement in university, which he is expected to start towards the end of this year.

Simon’s journey with Moja Tu has been promising. He dreams of pursuing Information Technology at the university level. His motto—never giving up—has been his guiding light.

Beyond academics, Simon excels in handball – a team sport in which two teams of seven players each pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the opposing team. While in high school, he represented his school at the regional games. He hopes to continue playing once he joins university, as he desires to play for the country’s national team. His vision for the future is ambitious, and his dreams are vivid: “In 20 years, I see myself as an influential figure, running businesses both locally and internationally, and supporting other students.”

Simon expresses heartfelt gratitude to his sponsor and mentor, Erika, who stepped in when he had lost hope. “She’s more than a sponsor; she’s like a mother,” he says.

He believes Moja Tu is a theater of dreams, transforming lives and spreading smiles. We wish Simon all the best as he prepares for a new season at university.

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