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Sharon Grace: Getting back on her feet after a serious accident

June 1, 2022

Sharon is a brilliant young girl currently in university pursuing a degree in math and computer science. She joined Moja Tu in 2016, and the organization could not be prouder of the progress she has made over the years and her outstanding academic performance. Sharon is a model student, grateful for the opportunity, and Moja Tu is honored to be part of her journey.

Early this year, Sharon was involved in a vehicle accident and experienced another side of Moja Tu. She learned how dedicated Moja Tu is to its students and that dedication goes beyond just paying school fees; it extends to caring for the welfare of the students, their families, and communities.

Let us have Sharon Grace tell her story:

“When I joined Moja Tu, I was a young teenager with big dreams. I am no longer a teenager, but I still harbor big ambitions. One of my goals then was to get an education and good grades. I wanted to eventually attend university.

The scholarship gave me the perfect opportunity to work hard in school without distractions. I no longer needed to worry if I would be on the dreaded list of students being sent home for school fees because their parents could not pay. This was the case for me before the Moja Tu scholarship. I was also equipped with school supplies like textbooks that set me up for success.

It was no wonder then that I passed my high school exit examination, effectively earning myself a slot at the university. My relationship with my sponsor has blossomed over the years, and she is more than just someone who pays my school fees. She is now family. When the story of my life is written, she will have a whole chapter and more.

I have also made many lifelong friends here at Moja Tu. I like saying we are part of one big happy and loving family. These relationships proved handy and formidable when I was recently involved in a road accident.

On that fateful day, I had an early morning exam and thus chose to use a motorbike to get to school as it was the only surefire way to beat the legendary Nairobi traffic and be in class on time. This is a preferred mode of transport here in Nairobi, especially when you don’t want to sit in traffic for hours. Everything was going well, and we were sure to beat the traffic. Then, suddenly, we were hit from behind by a public service vehicle that experienced brake failure.

I was thrown off the motorbike, and I landed on my face. Thankfully, the driver in the other lane saw what happened and slowed down; otherwise, he would have run over me. In that case, I am afraid I wouldn’t have been alive to tell the tale.

I lost consciousness. Luckily, Good Samaritans rushed me to the nearest hospital that referred me to a bigger hospital due to the severity of the injuries. They were afraid I might have had internal bleeding, and they didn’t want to take chances. I had my school ID with me, so they could reach the school and reached out to one of the Moja Tu program managers and my family.

By the time I regained consciousness, I was in the hospital with bandages on my face. My face felt as if a train had run over it. I underwent two surgeries to fix my face, jaw, and teeth and the most impact of the accident was on my facial area.

I received immense support from the organization. From the moment news of the accident reached them, they were always by my side, encouraging me and attending to any required medical bill. Even when I was being discharged from the hospital, they were right there with me, ensuring that everything had been taken care of, including my transport back home.

My sponsor would write letters that encouraged me, and I would pull them out to read them whenever I felt down.

Currently, I’m back in school and back on my feet, too. I’m thankful for the support I got from Moja Tu. The love and care from everyone, including my fellow students, warmed my heart. Long live Moja Tu.”

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