Moja Tu

Meet Jonathan: One step closer to achieving his dream

Jonathan has always been a bright kid. During his primary school years, he was the top of his class. What makes Jonathan’s situation unique is that he overcame challenges to thrive in his studies. His mother is a day-laborer who takes care of Jonathon’s five younger siblings and his ailing father. After school hours, while other children were doing their homework, Jonathan would help his mother with house chores and looking after his siblings.

He used his limited free time to study, and this paid off. As expected, Jonathan passed his primary exit examinations, and the possibility not proceeding to high school did not faze him. He prayed for a miracle, as his star would dwindle as he had no other way of joining secondary school. Moja Tu brought that miracle, and we are glad to have taken him into the program. Jonathan’s star shone even brighter in high school.

“I received tremendous support from Moja Tu, and all that was needed of me was to focus on my studies,” he says.

When he recently sat for his high school exit examination to pave the way for him to join university, there was no doubt that he would ace the exams. He has been consistently posting excellent grades throughout his high school years.

“I got an A in the final exam, which makes me very happy. I am looking forward to the next step of my studies. Moja Tu has been a stepping stone for all my achievements. When I joined Moja Tu, my goal was to continue my education and have the necessary knowledge to get into the job market. Once I am done with my studies, I hope to get a good job that will help lift my family out of poverty,” he asserts.

In retrospect, Jonathan says he has grown tremendously in all aspects of his life, and he credits part of this growth to Moja Tu. “The love I have received from the organization helped boost my self-esteem. There were moments of self-doubt when I felt I didn’t deserve what the organization was giving me, but Moja Tu has made me feel loved and important. This enhanced my confidence and has helped me believe in myself.”

Jonathan’s class was one of those affected by the year-long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He says he used the break to catch up on his studies. He spent a reasonable amount of time during the holiday at home and would help with house chores and looking after his younger siblings during the day. “I used to read mostly at night.”

As he waits to join college, he is happy to make his parents, Moja Tu, and sponsor proud. “I’m using my time at home to help out my parents. I’m excited and anxious about campus life, but it is nice knowing that Moja Tu will be with me to guide me through,” he says.

Joy Katanu