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Nurturing Talents and Building Connections: Dinel’s Story

September 11, 2023

At Moja Tu, empowering our students to refine their skills and nurture their talents stands among our core objectives. This encompassing approach involves assigning them tasks within the program, offering real-time career guidance, and facilitating connections to promising opportunities. It was precisely within this spirit that when Lynn Ohrstrom, a cherished friend of Moja Tu and the visionary behind Recorders Without Borders, sought assistance in recording music sessions, we immediately thought of our talented student and videographer, Dinel.

A Remarkable Collaboration with Recorders Without Borders

“In 2015, Recorders Without Borders embarked on a remarkable journey, introducing recorder music education to 50 Kenyan schools each summer. Our team included skilled US music teachers, tailor-made learning materials, and recorder donations. Then, in 2019, Kenya’s curriculum embraced recorders for Grades Four through Six. The challenge was to adapt our program into accessible videos for all schools across the country,” Lynn explains.

Dinel responded to the call with remarkable detail, showcasing her experience, plan, and unwavering dedication that impressed Lynn. And that was not all. “When we arrived in Kenya, Dinel was ready and well-prepared, displaying her familiarity with our program. During video sessions, Dinel conducted the process with the confidence of a conductor—organizing, coaching, and managing assistants. The project unfolded in short videos, some requiring multiple attempts. Yet, Dinel’s composure and energy endured, driven by her determination to deliver excellence,” Lynn shares.

Lynn and Dinel

As the final product takes shape, Lynn reveals that Dinel’s touch is unmistakable, and her expertise is evident in animated graphics, seamless editing, and captivating music. “Our excitement grows as this product empowers non-musical educators to bring recorder education to every corner of Kenya. Dinel’s exceptional collaboration with her associate, Simon, shows she has a brighter future ahead of her in film.”

Dinel’s firsthand account of the experience is awe-inspiring. “I fully immersed myself while recording teacher tutorials, visiting different schools, and contributing to a Kenyan national anthem piece. I invested time to understand the provided materials, forging a deep connection to the content. Collaborating with passionate Lynn and her dedicated team was very rewarding,” she shares.

A Lasting Impact and Gratitude

The Recorders Without Borders team

Lynn and her team’s dedication left an indelible mark on Dinel. Their commitment to bringing music education to disadvantaged schools radiated warmth. “Seeing children’s faces light up at the mention of music class or the recorder music club was heartwarming. Recorders Without Borders has woven unforgettable memories into these students’ school journey, making each day memorable and enjoyable.”

Dinel’s gratitude overflows for the love and unwavering support showered upon her by Moja Tu. The impact of her sponsor, Teresa, is deeply felt and forever appreciated. Kathy, the founder of Moja Tu, also holds a special place in her heart. Kathy’s belief in her potential was the catalyst that led Dinel to Recorders Without Borders.

“I recognize the driving forces that paved the path for me. The Moja Tu community stood by me, sponsoring my film technology degree and providing mentors who guided me into the confident, skilled, and eloquent young woman I am today,” Dinel explains.

As the project enters post-production, the promise of Dinel’s efforts becomes increasingly apparent. “Together, we’re reshaping recorder education for countless children. In our shared mission of empowering children, we’re reminded of the boundless horizons that open up when dreams and determination unite,” concludes Lynn.

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