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Empowering Women of Tomorrow Through Education

September 11, 2023

As we celebrate the International Day of the Young Women, we recommit ourselves to fostering an environment where every young girl in the Moja Tu family can access quality education and carve her unique path towards a brighter future. We present the stories of three young ladies whose lives have been transformed by educational scholarships. These narratives shine a light on the incredible impact of education on the lives of those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Purity’s Story

Purity, a second-year Control and Instrumentation Engineering program student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology and Agriculture, recalls her discovery of Moja Tu’s educational scholarships. “I heard about Moja Tu when I was in my final year of studies at elementary school. Though I was performing very well, I had doubts about the future of my education due to my family’s financial constraints. Then I found Moja Tu.” Applying for the scholarship was a crucial step for Purity in her educational journey.

Before Moja Tu became an integral part of her life, Purity struggled with a myriad of educational obstacles, predominantly revolving around the financial burden of school fees. Sometimes, she had to stop attending school because her family lacked the necessary funds. She confides that there were many times she had no choice but to stay at home because the fees could not be paid.

“Moja Tu has not only illuminated my path but has also rekindled dreams that were slowly dimming before I became a part of it,” she says. Moja Tu’s commitment to providing quality education to disadvantaged children has been pivotal in shaping Purity’s aspirations and ambitions. The education she is receiving has been instrumental in honing her skills and fueling her career goals.

Her newfound self-assuredness finds its roots in education. “Interacting with diverse individuals within the educational realm has significantly bolstered my confidence,” she reveals.

Purity has seen a positive ripple effect from her education, starting with her family and extending to her community. As the eldest in her family, she says that her siblings are drawing inspiration from her educational journey. “My influence is not confined to my family alone; my friends in the community are also motivated by my story, and I’m glad to witness a shift in their attitudes towards education,” she explains.

She directs her gratitude towards her sponsor, stating, “To the remarkable donors and supporters, especially my sponsor Jessica McCaleb, Kathy, and Michael, I extend my wholehearted thanks. Your unwavering support ensures that we have the tools we need for our education and fills our school experience with joy. Thanks to your support, I can confidently say that school is cool.”

Maureen’s Story

Maureen’s story resonates deeply with the challenges many with humble beginnings face. Raised by a single mother with meager financial resources, education was often relegated to the background. As the eldest of four siblings, Maureen recounts the struggles: “Quality education was never a priority for a firstborn in such circumstances. It was Moja Tu that lit up my educational journey,” she affirms.

Now a first-year Bachelor of Criminology student, Maureen came to learn about Moja Tu through her high school administration. Moja Tu partners with her school to offer scholarships to deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and Maureen fits the bill. “I was drowning in school fees and was in arrears. I’d often be barred from classes due to unpaid fees,” she recalls.

Her challenges extended beyond school fees as she also struggled with basic necessities. However, Moja Tu’s intervention changed the narrative. “Moja Tu rescued me from these hardships and went beyond the financial obligations. I received mentorship, counseling support, and medical care,” she acknowledges.

She extends her thanks to her sponsors, Uhuru and Christie Dawson, who have seen her through high school, her diploma, and now as she pursues her degree. “Your unwavering support changed my trajectory; thanks are not enough,” she says.

Nasalin’s Story

Nasalin’s narrative unfolds as a testament to the profound impact of education and the support offered by Moja Tu’s scholarships. At age 20, her life journey is one of resilience, hope, and the power of education shaping her destiny.

Nasalin comes from a family of eight residing in Laikipia County’s Nyahururu sub-county. Her family faced financial constraints, and the challenges posed by insufficient rain and wildlife disturbances further complicated their ability to earn money and improve their situation. Her upbringing underscores the importance of Moja Tu’s mission to uplift children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“I came to know Moja Tu through a mentor who was a beneficiary of the organization. Through my mentor’s guidance, I navigated the scholarship application process and received the invaluable opportunity to pursue education further.”

Her educational journey prior to the scholarship was hampered by various hurdles. The scarcity of study materials, school fees in arrears, worn-out uniforms, and inadequate food were just a few of the challenges she faced. However, Moja Tu’s support catalyzed transformative change once her scholarship application was accepted.

The impact of Moja Tu extended beyond academic assistance. Nasalin’s quality of life improved significantly as accommodation, food, and medical care concerns eased. Through education, her confidence blossomed. She gained critical thinking, effective communication skills, and the drive to set and achieve goals.

She envisions her education as a conduit for change. “I aspire to become a social worker and psychologist. I also harbor a dream of starting an organization that mentors disadvantaged youth. I am determined to contribute to my community’s well-being, educate against harmful cultural practices, and provide employment opportunities to prevent the scourge of unemployment-driven drug use,” she asserts.

Nasalin’s message to Moja Tu’s supporters and donors is filled with gratitude. She acknowledges their transformative impact on her life, emphasizing the hope and self-belief they’ve restored. She encourages young women facing similar challenges to believe in their worth and capabilities while also advocating for the empowerment that education brings.

In the inspiring journeys of Purity, Maureen, and Nasalin, we witness the remarkable power of education to uplift, transform, and empower. Through Moja Tu’s unwavering support, these young women have defied the odds, shattered barriers, and emerged as beacons of hope for their families and communities.

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