Moja Tu

Meet Wilter

As the oldest of three siblings, Wilter has watched her mother taking on any odd job she can to support her children. Though she often comes up short to fully satisfy their needs, Wilter knows her mother is doing her best. However, as a strong, class 8 student at Lekuruki Primary school preparing to take her primary exit examinations, Wilter has been wondering if it will even be possible for her to continue her schooling.

Wilter has watched as her younger sister, Penina, has reaped the benefits of a Moja Tu sponsorship these past few years. Apart from the fact that Peninah’s academic future is taken care of thanks to the foundation, Wilter is also enthralled by the Skype calls and the close relationship Peninah has with her sponsor. In addition to getting her education and being able to provide for herself and her family, she would also love to build a relationship with someone who cares about her future, though they have never met her before.

Wilter aspires to be an air hostess in the future and visit countries all over the world. She is already well on her way to being a successful air hostess, as her English speaking, writing, and debating skills are the best in her school. Not one to keep useful information to herself, Wilter mentors those who are struggling with English. She describes herself as a leader, a role model, and a counselor who gives encouragement to those going through challenging situations.

Someday, Wilter hopes to help her family out of their impoverished situation for good. She wants to move them out of the one-roomed house they have called home for years and into a place of their own. Wilter’s zeal in everything she does is palpable and infectious. Help her achieve her goals and keep her spark alive by sponsoring her today!

Sponsoring Wilter's secondary education is $85/month. Thank you for sponsoring Just One!