Moja Tu

Eric and Billy: Friends for Life

Billy and Eric are what you would call “friends for life.” Their paths crossed when they joined the Moja Tu program, and they have been inseparable ever since. One of their binding factors is a deep desire to succeed in their academics, which they believe will pave the way for future greatness. And they are well on course on accomplishing this.

Eric with his mentee Billy

Eric is almost wrapping up his university education while Billy is in his first year, soon going to the second year. Eric has been a mentor to Billy on so many fronts, from academics to leadership. The duo runs a church and a mentorship program in Nairobi. With the church, while Eric is the preacher, Billy plays the piano for the choir. They harbor a desire to help the less privileged in society, and the mentorship program is just the beginning for this dynamic duo.

“Eric’s goal has always been to become a revered teacher, and I am happy for him because he’s going to graduate very soon. I look up to him because he is a man who sticks to his word, and once he sets a goal, he works hard to achieve it,” Billy says.

Eric knows that Billy looks up to him, so he strives always to guide him in the right way. He has also seen the potential Billy has, and if well nurtured, he is destined for greatness. “We both aspire to be great leaders, and to this end, we have been reading leadership books to expand our knowledge on the same. We have also been practicing public speaking, which is a characteristic of a great leader. In addition, Billy is hard-working, charismatic, honest, and obedient. These are traits that are hard to come by these days, and I am proud to call him a friend,” Eric says.


The two attend Kenyatta University, and so they see each other very often. The church and the mentorship program they run also mean they meet during weekends to prepare for service. “We started the church and mentorship program when schools closed last year to curb the spread of the pandemic. We noted that so many youths were idle, and we wanted to do something that would engage them as well as keep them away from drugs and substance abuse,” Eric explains.

Through this project, this message has reached dozens of youth around their area, and they hope to expand their reach soon. Impressed by their work, a local church decided to support them, especially with the public address system and musical instruments.

Both Eric and Billy agree that being in the Moja Tu program has helped shape them to be who they are today. “One of the things I have learned from Moja Tu is the value of kindness and touching a person’s life. So many people have potential, but they lack mentors to help unlock that potential. We at Moja Tu are privileged to have cheerleaders from across the globe supporting us and cheering us to be our best. With such a support system, all we can do is win,” Billy says.

Eric adds, “Someone took a chance with me; I must pay it forward. Before joining the program, I had lost hope of ever joining university. Now, I am about to graduate with a university degree, and I am already thinking of pursuing a Master’s degree in counseling psychology. Moja Tu and my sponsors have shown me that I can be whoever I want to be.”


Joy Katanu