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Meet Joseph: Chasing Education Against All Odds 

April 1, 2024

Joseph Kyengo, a spirited 19-year-old, has defied the odds. He recently completed his high school education with an impressive B+. Now he stands on the threshold of university life, ready to chase his passions, and his journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Born into a modest background, Joseph faced the harsh reality of financial constraints at an early age. Life’s challenges threatened to dim his educational prospects, but Joseph refused to yield. He found solace in books, even when the future appeared grim. Then his father passed on.

“My father’s death from an unknown illness turned our world upside down, crashing whatever little hope we had in life,” he shares. “My mother, a casual laborer, couldn’t afford school fees for my siblings and I. We relocated to the rural area where my paternal grandparents lived.”

Joseph’s path was strewn with obstacles. Inadequate fees led to frequent expulsions from school. Undeterred, he rolled up his sleeves and worked alongside his mother on people’s farms to support the family. But hope was renewed in an unexpected place – Dream Children’s Home, one of our partner children’s homes. There, Joseph found a nurturing environment that fueled his determination. His hard work paid off, and he excelled in elementary education.

Despite his success in his primary school exit exams, high school remained elusive due to financial strain until Moja Tu came into the picture. During a sponsor visit to Kenya, Joseph shared his story, and the stars aligned. Cliff Kaplan, his sponsor, became more than a benefactor; he became Joseph’s inspiration. “Cliff made me believe in greatness,” Joseph beams.

Joseph’s gratitude knows no bounds. Moja Tu opened the doors, and Cliff, his sponsor, held them wide. Now, as Joseph steps into university, he carries their legacy. With unwavering zeal, he vows to excel, proving that dreams can indeed defy circumstances.

Joseph’s journey continues, and we’re cheering him on.

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