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Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream: Elijah’s Journey to Nursing

May 3, 2024

Elijah is in his fourth year of university pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Eli, as his friends call him, considers it a true blessing to have the opportunity to pursue his passion, which wouldn’t be possible without support from Moja Tu.

“I was raised by my grandmother, and although I passed the high school entry exams, I couldn’t see myself attending high school, much less university. This was because my grandma couldn’t afford my school fees or those of my siblings,” he begins his story.

With no means to enroll in high school once his entry exams were completed, Elijah turned to faith as his only solace. Luckily for Elijah, his elder brother was already in the Moja Tu program. After learning about Elijah from his brother, Moja Tu awarded him a scholarship as well. “It was the lifeline I needed so badly,” he explains.

Motivated by his own childhood struggles with eye problems, Elijah found inspiration in the meticulous care of his doctors over the years and decided to pursue nursing upon entering university. Further fueling his passion, was his desire to effect positive change in both his life and society.

Elijah’s hope for a healthier society keeps him motivated as he navigates a rigorous curriculum spanning chemistry, psychology, anatomy, and physiology. Through lectures, lab work, and clinical experiences, he bridges theoretical knowledge with practical learning, preparing for a career encompassing nursing administration, research, and clinical practice.

Once he completes his schooling, Elijah must pass a national exam to become a registered nurse in Kenya, unlocking many opportunities in the healthcare ecosystem. To gain practical skills he can apply in his post-graduate life, Elijah is currently engaged in a research project on hypertension awareness among youths, as well as a midwifery case study.

As a budding healthcare specialist, Elijah advocates for holistic wellness, urging individuals to maintain balanced diets, limit salt, sugar, and harmful fats, stop smoking, and manage stress through activities like meditation and swimming.

Elijah reflects on the importance of holistic development and seizing opportunities when presented. “Time is like a football game; once it has started, you have to ensure you win the game and get your reward,” he remarks, grateful for his sponsor Miranda, and also Kathy, and Michael for their unwavering support. “My words can’t say thank you enough,” he adds, wishing for blessings upon those who have touched his life.

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