Moja Tu

Meet Eric and Anthony: Friends who Stick Closer Than Brothers

Eric and Anthony have been friends for as long as they can remember. The two boys grew up in Dream Children’s home and are currently in the same high school. Their friendship started when they bonded over playing football as children. They have since become the best of friends.

Eric explains, “Making friends for me is not easy since I am not a very social person. However, Anthony


and I became friends fast because our characters were not that different, and we shared a mutual love for football. Also, we are both orphans, and we find comfort in each other.”

Anthony is glad to have Eric as a best friend. “Eric is a fiercely loyal and kind friend; he is very smart and funny. We always help each other with schoolwork to improve our grades. Whenever I feel low, he is always there to cheer me up and encourage me that there are better days ahead.”

Eric adds that since they are both introverts, they give each other company without feeling they are missing out on what others are doing. ”Everyone knows us as best friends because we spend most of our time together. I love that this friendship brings out the best in me as a person and allows me to compliment my friend.”

The two boys are incredibly grateful to be part of the Moja Tu family because they now have hope of a


successful future. Anthony reflects on the possibilities: ”I always hoped that both of us would have a great future, and the only thing that could guarantee that is education. Moja Tu is making that dream come true with each passing month. Now that we are in school, we are hopeful for a better future. We will continue to support each other until we realize our dreams.”

Eric adds, “I was sponsored before Anthony, and I always prayed that he would get a sponsor so that we both have equal opportunities to achieve our goals. Even better, we go to the same high school, which has helped cement our friendship.”

Their friendship has seen them through many ups and downs, and they know that this is the glue that will keep them together throughout their lives. We wish them the best for a bright and happy future.

Joy Katanu