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Meet Aineah: Keeping the faith

April 30, 2022

Aineah is a final-year high school student with a bright future. Over the years, he has grown into a confident, responsible, hard-working leader and is a role model. This December, he will sit for the national high school exit examination, the KCSE.

His journey with Moja Tu started in 2018 when the Moja Tu board members visited his primary school. “Moja Tu selected the top thirty students in our school, and I was among them. I later did an interview with the board, and I was fortunate to be selected for the sponsorship program,” he says.

Before joining Moja Tu, Aineah’s parents, who are casual laborers, couldn’t afford to cover his family’s basic needs, let alone pay for his school fees. Aineah was constantly sent home from class due to missing school fees, but this did not stop him from performing well. A naturally gifted scholar, Aineah is also a believer in hard work. These traits combined allowed Aineah to be one of the top students in his school, and this further reinforced his desire to continue his education.

“When I was preparing for the primary exit examinations, I aimed for a top school that would help me unlock my potential. Before Moja Tu, I wasn’t sure how that would pan out because I knew my parents couldn’t afford to pay for a well-performing school. I nevertheless kept the faith and prepared earnestly for the exams. Moja Tu made my high school experience seamless by providing me with school supplies, revision books, and transport which has eased my parent’s burden. I also no longer have to worry about school fees as it has all been taken care of,” he says with a sigh of relief.

Aineah has continued to be one of the top performing students throughout his high school career, and as he prepares for the December exams, he is determined to get a good grade which will secure him a position at the university. “I am always trying to create extra time for my studies, which has paid off. I want to pursue a degree in the medical field,” he asserts.

Moja Tu has become a family to many students, and Aineah says he loves being a part of the family as he has grown to be more confident and courageous. “Moja Tu mentorship talks have helped me to be more confident, believe in my dreams, and shaped me to become a responsible man.”

His mentor is American neurosurgeon Ben Carson. “His resilience and perseverance have motivated me to keep believing in my dreams and not give up,” he says assertively.

Aineah is determined to break his family’s cycle of poverty through his education and help other children in his community get quality education.

“Thank you, Moja Tu, for changing my life and giving me wings to fly,” he says


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