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Meet Dinel: The making of a great filmmaker

April 23, 2023

Meet Dinel, a young and talented lady who is full of passion and strength in everything she does. She is a proud achiever who worked hard to attain her dream career, despite facing various struggles and challenges along the way. Dinel’s journey to success was boosted when she received a scholarship with Moja Tu.

“I was then in high school and was not performing so well in school as the financial burden at home weighed heavily on me. I did not see the need to study hard because, after all, I was bound to drop out of school for lack of school fees. The scholarship from Moja Tu lifted my spirits and gave me hope for a better future. So I worked hard in school and secured a spot at one of the revered universities in Kenya.”

After completing high school, Dinel decided to pursue her dream of studying film and animation. She had previously acted in one film during her school days, and that experience motivated her to pursue a career in film. Dinel followed her heart, and she is glad she did. “I found my place in film and animation, and I want to do it for the rest of my life,” she confirms.

For the last few years, Dinel has been producing, directing, shooting, and editing Moja Tu’s videos, and we are happy with her work. She recently landed her first gig – to produce a set of videos for a not-for-profit that establishes sustainable music programs in elementary schools in Kenya. She admits that the work she does with Moja Tu came in handy when applying for the job.

In the meantime, a film she has been working on is set to premiere at one of the theatres in Nairobi, Kenya. Her inspiration for her film – dubbed Mirrored – was to make herself, her loved ones, and the Moja Tu fraternity, especially her sponsor, proud. She is thankful for her sponsor, who never gave up on her and always encouraged and supported her.

Mirrored is based on the life of a young boy who thinks his family hates him because they treat him like a child, yet he feels all grown. For a moment, his wish is granted, and he experiences adulthood, which changes his view of the world. Dinel hopes that the film’s themes and message will bring clarity to kids and parents and convey that parenting is a fine blend of reasoning with their children, listening to their opinions and ideas, and being firm when need be.

Despite the challenges she faced during the production of her first film, Dinel found it quite fulfilling, and she thus invested her time in directing it. The experience cemented her great passion for film, so much so that she has made up her mind to pursue a master’s and later a Ph.D. in the same.

“I hope one day I will be a great filmmaker, animator, and film teacher,” she asserts.

During her film production, Dinel learned the art of people management, handling criticism, and the power of a support system. “I also received mentorship from my Moja Tu mentor, Laura, who taught me how to speak effectively and handle people differently by finding what motivates them.”

She is grateful to the organization and every individual who has held her hand over the last few years as she navigated her career. She will be graduating later this year, and she feels confident in her skills.

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