Moja Tu

Meet Anastacia

It is a sad truth that simply because a student is bright and eager to learn does not mean that they will be able to stay in school. This was the case for Anastacia, who unfortunately had to miss most of the first term of the 2019 school year due to outstanding school fees. However, Anastacia did not let her absence from class affect her performance. She worked hard to keep up with her classmates and was even able to return to school to take the end-of-term exams, on which she scored an impressive B+ average. This score serves as testament to Anastacia’s incredible dedication to her schooling and drive to ensure she keeps up with the rest of her class. She hopes to work in the medical field in the future, and if she is able to maintain grades like these, we are certain she will achieve her goal.

Anastacia approached us on our most recent trip to Kenya and requested help to continue with her schooling. After we learned of the incredible perseverance and excellent grades, we readily accepted her into the program. She now attends Graceland Girls High School alongside many of our other female students. We are excited to reconnect with Anastacia in August and learn about how her term went.

Anastacia knows that her story is not unique among the students in her community. She hopes to earn a great education through Moja Tu and show the other kids in her neighborhood that they can make it as well. She also hopes to eventually be able to give back to her community and help it develop and flourish as a future doctor. Anastacia has a bright future ahead of her, and the drive to ensure that she reaches her goals. Help Anastacia achieve her dreams by sponsoring her today!

Sponsoring Anastacia’s high school education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!