Moja Tu

Meet Aineah

Aineah, a class 8 student at Mirera Primary School, lives with his parents and his younger brother in a single, mud-walled hut in the slums of Naivasha. His father is a hawker who sells assorted merchandise including candy and pens. He makes a paltry 200 Kenyan shillings (less than $2) per day, barely enough to cater for his family’s basic needs. Their mother is a casual laborer who walks from one house to another every morning in search of work, which is not always assured. In this situation of abject poverty, Aineah and his brother’s education often must come second to simply staying alive.

Despite these difficulties, Aineah has blossomed into a confident, intelligent leader. Though he is often unable to attend school, he has blown everyone away by consistently earning well over 400 marks out of the total 500. This is almost unheard of in students who attend school regularly, and even less in students who are frequently absent. Aineah is at the head of his class, despite not being able to attend class very often. What’s more, he also leads several study groups, and his classmates elected him the class spokesperson to represent them in the teachers-students’ association. In his free time, Aineah enjoys playing football with his friends.

Aineah will be taking his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations at the end of the year. This important exam will determine which secondary schools Aineah can attend next year. He is working hard to earn at least 420 points on his KCPE, a grade which would earn him a spot at the prestigious Mang’u High School, one of the best schools in the country.

Aineah is destined to change his society for the better as an engineer, the subject he hopes to study in university. However, to get there, Aineah must first overcome the hurdle of joining and paying for secondary school. Help this brilliant young man achieve all of his dreams by sponsoring him today!

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