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Empowering students with laptops

September 21, 2022

Covid-19 disruptions saw a more active uptake of online learning in Kenyan universities. At Moja Tu, we believe in creating safe, accessible, and equitable academic environments where our students can learn and grow. One of the ways of achieving this is ensuring that our university students are equipped with laptops to make their studies seamless. We chatted with two students who admitted that the laptops had been a critical factor in their success.

Bachelor of Film Technology and Theatre arts

Dinel is a fourth-year student at Kenyatta University. Her major is Film technology which involves video and audio editing, animation, photo editing, and graphic design.

“My course involves editing and graphic design software, and having a laptop is essential. In addition, my studies have been made easier as Moja Tu has provided a good laptop that has come in handy with my classwork,” she explains.

Dinel has perfected her skills by watching online tutorials and doing more practice with her laptop, making her stand out in her class. In addition, she has advanced her knowledge by taking short courses online, improving her writing, and enhancing her editing and photography skills. During the Covid-19 period, she could attend online classes and access the learning materials through the school portal.

She is grateful to Moja Tu for making her studies seamless and enabling her to acquire skills that have proven vital as she navigates her bachelor’s degree. “I would like to thank Moja Tu for investing in my education. The laptop has helped improve my grades. It has also enabled me to get involved in Moja Tu as a videographer, and I’m grateful for getting this opportunity,” she concludes.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science

Angeline is a second-year student at Multimedia University. Having a laptop has made life easy for the 19-year-old. “Thanks to the laptop, I can easily attend online classes, learn about coding, access learning materials, attend online discussions with

my classmates, and follow tutorials on YouTube,” she says. She adds that she has been able to perfect her programming skills through online tutorials.

She admits that she has grown exponentially with her computer skills and is looking forward to becoming a competent computer scientist. She is also keen to keep up with new technology as they come in and adapt to the changing technological times. She does not take for granted that she has a laptop. “Only a handful in my class have laptops, and it is painful watching some of my friends use their phones to perform complex assignments,” she says.

Angeline is excited to explore more about programming and related technology. She is grateful to Moja Tu for empowering her with a laptop. “I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Moja Tu for empowering me with a laptop. Thank you for being committed to providing us with high-quality education!” she concludes.

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