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Beyond Education: Addressing food insecurity

September 22, 2022

In Moja Tu’s quest to provide education to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, we often come across vulnerable children who need to be rescued from dangerous home environments. For these students, our rescue efforts are a more immediate need than education. We must ensure a safe haven for these students before we can begin to focus on their education. This is where our partner children’s homes – Dreams Children’s Home and Sons of Manaseh Children’s Home – help us. They have lovingly provided sanctuary for many students we have rescued from vulnerable backgrounds.

Our partnership with these two homes goes back to the inception of Moja Tu, and the bond has grown over the years to be a strong and mutual one. A significant number of children residing at these homes are sponsored by Moja Tu.

Before the pandemic, our high school students would gather at both Dreams and Sons of Manaseh during the holiday school break to participate in tutoring sessions. These homes also provide Moja Tu with office space when needed and storage space where we keep supplies for our students. When we find a child in need of rescue, we know that the children will find safety and security in either one of the homes.

It is no secret that the vulnerable in society were hardest hit by the disruption brought about by Covid-19. Our partner children’s homes were no different. Because they rely heavily on volunteers and donations, their income and support quickly dwindled as things got worse during the pandemic. It did not take long for them to run out of food and other basic needs.

With hundreds of children to be fed and no ability to recruit volunteers and donations, the situation was growing dire. Moja Tu intervened to help provide food and basic sanitation items such as hand soap and sanitizers. As such, Moja Tu spends approximately $700 each month to relieve the food insecurities at our partner children’s homes, which together house over 200 children. Moja Tu is able to provide this critical support because of the generosity of our sponsors, donors, and supporters.

To learn more about helping our partner children’s home, please don’t hesitate to contact us at If your philanthropic interests align with food security, we would appreciate the opportunity to partner with you.


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