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Building stronger families and communities through education

April 23, 2023

Family is not only defined by blood or legal ties but also by the bonds of love, care, and support that we share with those who matter to us. As we celebrate International Family Day, we cherish and appreciate our loved ones and recognize the family’s invaluable role in our lives.

At Moja Tu, we are a big family bonded by our shared desire to bring about change and end poverty. The name “Moja Tu” means “Just One” in Swahili, reflecting our mission to give one more child a chance to go to school, one more family hope for a better life, and one more community a path to development.

We firmly believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering families. Therefore, we are committed to supporting siblings to ensure that they can bring positive change to their families and communities.

We chatted with Susan and Gladys, siblings who are both sponsored by the organization, to find out the impact of the sponsorship on their family and community.


Bachelor of Commerce

Susan, a third-year student at Cooperative University, has a unique perspective on family. For her, family means having someone who loves and supports you no matter your challenges. Susan’s life took a positive turn when she joined Moja Tu in high school. This opportunity was life-changing not only for her but also for her entire family.

“Our lives have really changed a lot since joining Moja Tu. It has eased the burden of school fees on our parents. The access to better education and the hope for a better tomorrow has made our relationships stronger as siblings and as a family. The money our parents struggled to pay for our school fees is now used to cater for some basic needs, such as buying food,” she explains.

Susan is grateful for the opportunity to change her life and is motivated to work hard in her studies to help lift her family and community. She dreams of being her family’s pillar and sponsoring students to get a better education.

“I aspire to be the pillar of my family and help sponsor some students in my community to get a better education. Moja Tu has really inspired me to do this, and I can’t wait to support students so they can better their future.”

As a team lead working closely with Esther, the Director of Finance, Susan has developed confidence and a sense of belonging. She has found a family with whom she can confide and people who believe in her. “Being part of the Moja Tu family has given me a sense of belonging. This has motivated me to continue believing in my dreams and pursue my career and goals,” she shares.


Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism

Gladys is a first-year student at Zetech University. For her, family means those close to you and can help you anytime.

Before joining Moja Tu, Gladys had just completed her primary exit exam. She didn’t know if she could continue her studies, as her parents struggled to pay for her two older siblings’ education. However, after applying for and receiving a Moja Tu scholarship, her dream of joining high school became a reality.

“Since joining Moja Tu, my life has been full of dreams because I have seen opportunities to achieve them. The support from the organization has given my family hopes for a better future and made it easier for my parents to take care of us,” she narrates.

Being in the program with her sister, Susan, has been a great comfort to Gladys. She feels secure with her sister by her side, supporting her in her studies and guiding her through life’s challenges. Through Moja Tu, Gladys has also made many friends, including her sponsor, who have become like family.

“I have learned a lot through the organization, and I love the unity, love, and sacrifice our sponsors make,” Gladys concludes.

Moja Tu believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering the next generation of leaders. By supporting students like Gladys and Susan, we are making a difference not just in their individual lives but in their entire families and community.

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