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A Journey of Connection and Impact: Our April Sponsor Trip to Kenya

June 10, 2024

In April, a group of 12 dedicated sponsors embarked on a transformative 10-day adventure to Kenya, organized by Moja Tu. This journey was more than just a visit; it was a profoundly enriching experience that allowed our sponsors to witness firsthand the incredible impact their support has on the lives of our students and their communities. Each day was filled with activities that brought smiles, joy, and lasting memories.

Visiting Dream Children’s Home

Our adventure began with a warm welcome at Dream Children’s Home, our partner home. The excitement was palpable as sponsors met the children they’ve been supporting from afar. The day was filled with stories, laughter, and the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

Meeting the Students and Families

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the trip was visiting the different regions where our students come from, including Makueni, Naivasha, Laikipia, and Meru. Each region offered a unique glimpse into the lives and cultures of our students and their families. Our sponsors had the unique opportunity to meet the families of their sponsored students, an emotional and rewarding experience.

We provided foodstuffs and essentials in each home we visited, ensuring these families had the necessary supplies. These moments of giving were emotionally moving, highlighting the immediate impact of the sponsors’ contributions.

Opening Computer Labs

A highlight of the trip was the grand opening of computer labs in Mirera, Muruai, and Kapkures Primary Schools. These labs are a testament to the generosity of our donors and represent a significant step forward in providing quality education to more students in underserved rural communities. The excitement on the students’ faces as they explored the new technology was genuinely heartwarming.

Engaging with Local Communities

Our journey continued by engaging with local communities. Our board members interviewed students, allowing them to share their dreams and aspirations. These sessions were inspiring and provided valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by our students.

Students and sponsors bonding

We also organized fun activities where students and sponsors could bond through spending time together, shopping, and going for dinner. These interactions fostered a deeper connection and understanding between the sponsors and the students, breaking down barriers and building lasting relationships.

Celebrating Academic Excellence

One of the most joyful moments was rewarding students who had excelled academically. It was a day of celebration and pride as we recognized the hard work and dedication of these bright young minds. Seeing the students receive their awards with broad smiles was a reminder of the potential within each of them.

Reflections and Impact

As our trip ended, the sponsors gathered to share their thoughts and feelings about the experience. Paula, one of our sponsors, described the experience beautifully:

“There were so many heartfelt experiences that it’s hard to pinpoint just one. Two stand out. First, going to the students’ houses, meeting their families, and seeing how grateful the parents were for their children’s scholarships will stay with me forever. Their homes were poor, but every single family greeted us with gifts. We all received roses and beautiful Masai blankets. I was given a chicken, representing 1 – 2 months’ wages. I was moved beyond words.

Second, I was able to reconnect with my students, including Grace, who graduated with a degree in botany, & is now working for a German seed company. It is so gratifying to see her start a scientific career & to know that I played a small part in her success. I also visited Kelvin’s farm in Meru, in the foothills of Mount Kenya. It was a deeply spiritual experience. The kinship I feel with Kelvin is impossible to describe. It is not something I am doing for him; it is something he is doing for me. I cannot wait to return to Kenya.”

Christine, Moja Tu’s co-founder and sponsor,, also shared her experience.

“Moja Tu helps you build a unique connection with students. It goes way beyond the sponsor dollars. You gain a unique perspective on your student’s life through the ability not just to have video calls but to visit them in person.  Visits to their homes, villages, and schools give you a deep connection and understanding of your students and help you see the world through completely different eyes. I believe it will also give your students the needed support and mentorship that will launch them to success.  This sponsorship is more than just paying fees, it’s helping them develop into a confident,  well-rounded and worldly individual capable of achieving any goals they set.”

Our final moments were spent reflecting on the journey and the experiences shared. There were tears, hugs, and a strong sense of accomplishment and hope for the future. The bonds formed during these ten days will last a lifetime, and the impact of this trip will be felt for years to come.

The Moja Tu Impact

This trip was a powerful reminder of why we do what we do at Moja Tu. It showcased the importance of our mission and the tangible differences being made in the lives of our students and their communities. The journey was about witnessing change and being a part of it.

Thank you to all our sponsors for their unwavering support and for making this journey possible. Together, we are building a brighter future for the children of Kenya, one student at a time.

Our April sponsor trip to Kenya was a magical and transformative experience. It was a journey of connection, impact, and hope. We look forward to many more adventures and continued support for our students. Together, we are making a difference.

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