Moja Tu

Partners In Education: Graceland Girls Secondary School

Established in Nyahuru Town, Laikipia County in 2006, Graceland Girls Secondary School is a top private boarding school for girls. Graceland Girls’ administrative team is led by a husband and wife who have both previously taught in public government schools. They are experienced in the teaching field, and seek to fill the gaps left in public schools at Graceland.

Since inception in 2006, the school has seen a steady rise in its student population. Currently, it is home to 520 girls, spread over grade levels from form 1 to form 4. The school’s average student performance has also risen along with its population. The school boasts a diverse population, with students hailing from all over Kenya, just like our body of students. The girls are served well-balanced, well-prepared meals several times a day, with everyone getting an equal portion. Students also have opportunities to try out many different sports, including handball, volleyball, and track. Graceland girls have participated in many competitions against other schools, both public and private, and have several awards and trophies in various athletic and academic subjects to show for their efforts.

Our 18 students currently attending Graceland have told us that they love their new school, and especially the snazzy new uniforms that they received at the beginning of the year. They also told us that the management team at the school is quick to respond to and resolve concerns among the students. Their teachers are excellent at demonstrating the subject matter, and always available to answer any questions the students have. The girls have an easy time studying for exams with open access to a library and a number of laboratories on campus. Compared to other private schools around the country, Graceland’s students are further ahead in their coursework, which will give them an advantage at the end of form 4 with more time to study and prepare for their KCSEs.

Graceland instills values of hard work and discipline in all of its students. All of the girls who attend this school have the opportunity to work toward their goals and build their own futures, with all of their needs being fulfilled by the attentive, caring staff. We are proud to be able to send our awesome girls to a school like Graceland!