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New Year, New Beginnings

January 2, 2023

Happy New Year! A new year means fresh starts and limitless possibilities; for our students, it is an opportunity to move one step closer to achieving their goals. We spoke with Bridget, John, and Semy, who shared their goals for the year and their motivation to achieve them.


Bachelor in Criminology and Penology

John is a first-year student taking a Bachelor’s degree in criminology and penology. His New Year’s resolution is to be more involved in his studies and participate in the school’s extracurricular activities. “This year is full of new opportunities for me. I plan to perform well in my studies and be involved in various school activities. These will help me be a good time manager as I will have to allocate time for each activity,” John explains.

John adds that he has also applied to be considered for the Moja Tu mentorship sessions to help him be an all-around student. He reveals that his mother is his biggest motivator to chase his goals. “My mom always reminds me to keep working hard and smart in my studies so that one day I can eliminate poverty from my family and educate my younger brothers and sisters,” John says


Bachelor of Actuarial Science

Bridget, a final-year student, understands where John is coming from. Being the firstborn in her family, she hopes to set the pace for her siblings. This year is vital to her as she will be completing her course. She’s excited to start this new phase in her life.

“I look forward to completing the coursework and graduating in December – it has been a long time coming complete with the Covid disruption in between. I also hope to intern at a data firm. Between completion and graduation, I intend to start a small business around the school grounds to support myself,” Bridget says excitedly.

To stay committed to her goals, she wants to be more optimistic about life and be fearless in trying new things, especially since she will be transitioning to a new chapter in her life. She advises anyone making new resolutions to stay focused and work hard.


Bachelor in International Relations and Security Studies

Semy, a first-year student, agrees. She advises anyone setting their resolutions to be specific, motivated, and disciplined.

This year, she hopes to improve her spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. She also wants to excel in her studies by building a better foundation for her career. “Improving myself in these three aspects is important because they will guide me in finding my purpose and restructuring my life,” she says.

To achieve these objectives, she plans to get a mentor for guidance and be open to new opportunities. “I plan to join the mentorship program in Moja Tu. Getting a mentor will motivate me to focus on my goals and learn more about my career. I will also be able to gain more confidence in myself,” Semy says.

Her motivation for accomplishing these goals is to be her best version. She hopes that by the end of the year, she will be more self-aware, perform well in her studies, and be disciplined in achieving her goals.

We wish our students all the best as they chase their goals and resolutions and assure them of our support.

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