Moja Tu

Meet Moses

To be orphaned is a disadvantage to a child’s education, it gets worse to be orphaned at an early age and belong to a minority tribe in Kenya, that is pastoral and does not give priority to education compared to tending to cattle. Little Moses was in this situation when he was rescued and placed under the care of a children’s home for a chance to get an education. Being older than all the other children in his class, he had to constantly undergo counseling to understand the need to stay in school despite his age.

Together with his brother, they lost both their parents and they were very little to comprehend what that meant. They were taken in by different relatives and as they grew up, they were introduced into the culture of tending livestock as is the custom of Maasai community. They were herding both their relatives and neighbours cattle and they never thought that going to school was even necessary. The local admnstration however, knew their futures were doomed and they would either end up as cattle rustlers or community guards depending on whose hands they would be in during their early teen years. The only way to change their thnking is through education. It is the only tool that can help them to choose what path they want to choose for their lives. Keeping them in primary school has not been an easy journey and the future is neither very bright witout support.

Moses is currently in grade seven. He is a very determined young man and fully understands the need to go to school. If supported he will achieve his dream of working in the media industry in the future.