Moja Tu

Meet Morgan

After working hard in primary school, Morgan is now faced with the problem of paying the fees for his stay in secondary school. His family has no means of raising the amounts needed for his school fees and supplies. He is currently in form one in one of our partner schools, Njabini Boys, where he has done well on his first exams in secondary school.

Morgan knows that the only way he can make something of himself is by getting his education, and he is determined to help his parents and siblings out of poverty. He takes the opportunity to go to school very seriously, and is a highly disciplined and well-rounded student, who consistently posts good grades. Morgan loves playing football, and he enjoys the company of older students so that he can listen to their advice.

Morgan has shown his willingness to learn and adapt, and he is committed to success. He only needs financial support to provide him with the necessities for school, and encouragement to help him attain his maximum potential. Consider providing Morgan with the support he needs by becoming his sponsor today!

Sponsoring Morgan for secondary education is $75/month. Thank you for sponsoring Just One.



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