Moja Tu

Meet Zippie: Growing with Moja Tu

Zipporah, or Zippie as she is fondly known, could easily pass as one of the Moja Tu staff. Pre-COVID, it was the norm for all of our students to assemble at Dream Children’s Home for holiday tutoring sessions. Here, Zippie would lead the charge in making sure everyone was taken care of. Zippie works at Dream Children’s Home as a social worker, and in her, Moja Tu and our students have found a trusted friend, counselor, and mentor.

“I learned about Moja Tu six years ago when they were looking for a secure place for the students to stay for their holiday tutoring. Moja Tu and Dream a had mutual interest in ensuring the welfare of children from impoverished backgrounds. The two organizations easily clicked from the get-go, and a relationship was born. Today, Dream and Moja Tu are sister organizations in that we collaborate on so many fronts,” Zippie explains.

She says she has loved working with Moja Tu for the last five years. She finds so much fulfillment from watching the students change for the better with each passing year. The children are now like family to her.

“One thing I’ve learned from Moja Tu is that every child is important. I have yet to come across such another authentic and genuine organization. I have witnessed the lengths the organization has gone to ensure that the needs of each kid are met so that they can maximize their potential on every front, be it academics or otherwise. I admire the relationship the students have with their sponsors, and I can tell you for sure that it has a positive effect on the lives of these children. They speak highly of their sponsors, and knowing that they have an accountability partner makes them be at their best always,” she says.

Zippie considers Moja Tu’s mission for education a constant reminder that each child can grow to be a responsible, productive, and helpful member of society with the right support system. She is also grateful to Moja Tu for the support it has given Dream Children’s Home over the years, going above and beyond the initial agreement.

“Moja Tu sponsors many students from Dream Children’s Home. Each year, our students at Lekuruki Academy receive new uniforms, shoes, and textbooks courtesy of Moja Tu. The organization also goes the extra mile to motivate our teachers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we received several large food donations from Moja Tu, and this made the situation much easier on us all,” she says with gratitude.

Working with Zippie for the past several years has been a delight. She has been a fantastic partner who always takes the time to listen to and guide the students in our program to become the best versions of themselves. As Zippie’s motto goes, “there’s always room for improvement!”

Joy Katanu