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Meet Solomon: Testament of the power of sponsorship

April 2, 2023

Access to education is considered a fundamental human right, yet not everyone has the resources or opportunities to pursue it. However, organizations like Moja Tu strive to make education accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. Solomon’s story is a testament to the impact that scholarships can have on the lives of students.

Solomon is a 20-year-old studying forensic science at a leading university in Kenya. He came from a disadvantaged background and was living in a children’s home when he applied for the Moja Tu scholarship.

According to Solomon, “I had completed my primary education, but due to financial constraints, it was impossible for me to continue with high school. That’s when I applied for the Moja Tu scholarship, and I was lucky enough to be selected.”

The Moja Tu scholarship has had a significant impact on Solomon’s ability to pursue education. “Without the scholarship, I would not have been able to afford my school fees, and I would have missed out on school due to incomplete fees. However, since receiving the scholarship, I have not missed a day of school,” Solomon shared.

The scholarship has provided Solomon with a sense of security and stability, allowing him to focus solely on his studies and achieve academic success. He explained, “The scholarship has given me a chance to attend the university of my choice, which would not have been possible without Moja Tu’s support.”

Although financial constraints were a concern during high school, Solomon was able to overcome these challenges and maintain excellent academic performance. “The scholarship has helped me financially by covering my school fees and providing me with a stipend for academic and personal expenses,” Solomon explained. “Through mentorship and counseling sessions, I have been able to work on aspects like self-belief and putting more effort into my education.”

Solomon’s social skills learned in high school will be valuable in university, where he will need to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. He plans to apply these skills to make meaningful connections and build relationships with his peers.

Solomon expresses his gratitude to Moja Tu and Dream Children’s Home for their support in his educational journey. “I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given and am determined to make the most of them,” he said. “My experience shows that with hard work, determination, and the support of organizations like Moja Tu, anyone can achieve their education goals.”

Solomon’s story highlights the power of education and the impact that scholarships can have on the lives of students. Moja Tu’s support has enabled Solomon to pursue his education dreams, overcome financial barriers, and gain valuable life skills. As he moves forward with his studies and future career, he will always be grateful for the support he received from Moja Tu and Dream Children’s Home.

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