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Meet Samuel: Holding firm on his dream to further his education

March 24, 2023

Samuel, a young man from a humble background, faced a significant hurdle when he finished elementary school. He worked hard in his studies and passed the high school entrance exams with flying colors. He even got a spot at a leading high school in Kenya. However, his family was not in a position to provide his school fees at the high-ranking school.

“We had to settle for a local day school that was way cheaper. It was either that or I completely forget about schooling. Even then, my parents still struggled to pay for my school fees. I nonetheless chose to focus on my studies rather than the financial situation at hand,” he says.

Fortunately, his parents got to hear about Moja Tu through a friend, and they decided to apply for sponsorship. Samuel ticked all the boxes; he was bright, came from a disadvantaged background, and desired to break the poverty cycle in his family and community.

“Joining Moja Tu was the best thing that ever happened to me. It provided me with the opportunity to further my education without worrying about tuition fees or basic personal needs,” Samuel shares and adds that the organization transferred him to a better school where he was able to maximize his potential.

The organization not only helped him financially but also provided him with valuable guidance sessions that impacted his life positively. The program also gave him access to revision materials, transportation to and from school, and back-to-school shopping.

Samuel’s hard work and determination were immediately evident when he joined the new school and slowly worked his way to the top in terms of performance. He was also very disciplined and quickly gained favor from teachers and fellow students. When he took his university entrance exams late last year, there was no doubt he would perform well. And he did by scoring an impressive B+, effectively booking himself a spot at one of the universities in Kenya.

Samuel admits that he has learned several valuable lessons during his high school years and that he is ready to apply to university.

“I have learned the importance of respecting people regardless of their age, choosing friends wisely to avoid negative influences, and believing in myself,” Samuel explains.

He plans to use his education to secure a good job and raise the standards of living for his family and community. He also aims to be a positive role model for his peers.

“I am grateful to Moja Tu fraternity and my sponsor Gabriel for their continued support in my academic journey,” Samuel expresses.

Samuel’s story is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance. Despite his financial struggles, he did not give up on his dream of furthering his education. With the help of Moja Tu, he was able to overcome this obstacle and make significant progress in his life.

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