Moja Tu

Meet Maureen!

Maureen is one of those rare types who knows what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants it. She has very clear goals and a vision for how she will achieve them. Maureen states that she wants to be an accountant in the future – given that she excels at mathematics and was even appointed as the junior teacher of mathematics in her class, this is hardly surprising. She is also a solid student; last term, she earned an average grade of a B-, which is quite impressive. Maureen has a bold and outspoken personality. She did not shy away or downplay her need for financial help to go to secondary school, and was eager to tell us about her goals for secondary school and beyond.

Home for Maureen is a one-room rental house in Naivasha. She shares the house with her single mother and three other siblings. Her mother is a day laborer who would love nothing more than to see her bright young daughter continue on to secondary school. Unfortunately, her current salary is barely enough to keep the family afloat, much less pay for Maureen’s secondary education. Maureen knows that the help of a sponsor is the only way for her to continue her studies.

Maureen has so much to offer society, but she will never get the chance to give back if she doesn’t finish her education.