Moja Tu

Meet Johnstone

Johnstone is a very determined young boy with many goals for himself and dreams for his future. He managed to earn an impressive score on his KCPE that gave him the chance to join a national secondary school in Kenya. He hopes for a better future for himself and his siblings, but this hope is fading as he is faced with problems with paying school fees. As a result, Johnstone faces explusion before his time in secondary school has even begun.

Johnstone’s parents work very hard to provide for their five young kids, two of which are currently in secondary school. The higher costs associated with going to secondary school make it more difficult to stay afloat, but Johnstone’s parents do their best. His father moves from one town to another, offering his service of luggage handling to whoever needs it. Often, Johnstone’s father will stay at his friends’ homes in order to avoid putting more strain on his own family. Johnstone’s mother, on the other hand, has to stay home to look after the younger kids and manage the family farm. However, the land rarely produces enough to feed her family; to supplement this, Johnstone’s mother works in the neighbor’s fields and takes odd jobs where she can get them.

Johnstone is still adjusting to life away from his rural home. He finds the TV in his boarding school to be fascinating, saying that he never imagined he would be able to see a person inside a screen. He loves that he can get water easily from the tap, and is very proud to own his own personal effects. Johnstone has picked up speaking English very quickly, and has managed to keep his high grades up in his first term at secondary school.

For Johnstone to maintain his dream of a successful future, he needs financial support to pay his school fees and purchase personal items. Help Johnstone stay in school by becoming his sponsor today!